Woman spends £80 on ‘angel number’ finger tattoo with pal – but it rubs off

A woman who was visibly smitten with a matching 'angel number' tattoo she had gotten with a friend was disappointed when it was somehow rubbed off her finger.

Isabella B Guerra, 20, recorded herself and her friend each getting '222' tattooed on the side of their index fingers and had huge grins on their faces when leaving the tattoo parlour.

But later on, the woman from Dallas was shocked to see that her other friend could rub away the numbers after she had just spent $100 (£81) on her new ink.

The lad, referred to as Justin, who was seen rubbing it away in the TikTok clip, which has received more than 13,200 likes, said: "Look at that, $100 my f**king a**! It's all over your finger."

In further footage, Isabella's finger has become visible blistered and she revisited the tattoo artist for help, who said: "Don't let that motherf**king Justin rub his dirty f**king pecker driving fingers on your new tatt."

Commenters were furious at the bloke for touching her tattoo while it was healing and said that they hoped she wouldn't get infections.

One user said: "I hope that it’s not infected from his greasy nasty finger touching it."

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Another wrote: "If he didn’t rub it off and you would have moisturised it would have probably lasted a bit longer. We just use our hands so much and skin renews often."

A third added: "Literally could’ve been avoided if he didn’t do that but ok."

A fifth said: "You was supposed to let it heal love."

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The news comes after a woman who intended on having a floral tattoo inked in tribute to her great-grandmother is now searching for a cover-up after her dad – and viewers – noticed it didn't quite look as intended.

Jessika Gancedo, who posts on TikTok as @jessikabaileyg, spent £285 getting the Iris flower with wings tattooed on her when she was 18.

But now as an adult, she very much regrets the decision, especially after her dad told her that it looked like a "uterus."

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