Woman pays £35 for luxury ombre nails but they end up looking like ‘dog nipples’

For most of us, getting our nails done is a real treat so we expect to leave the salon looking so glamorous we could be a hand model.

But unfortunately that doesn't always happen, as one woman found out when she treated her sister to a manicure after being promoted.

Serina Carmen, 25, and her sister spent hours scouring the internet in search of the perfect set of nails, finally opting for a subtle nude to black ombre.

They took the photo of their dream design to a salon in New York and handed over $45 – £35.

The staff got to work filing, painting and moulding, and the women couldn't wait to see the final result.

Serina said: "I showed them a picture of the design on my phone and they said that it wouldn't be a problem and mentioned they would charge extra for the design."

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But, it was only after the nail technician spent an hour stippling on the nail varnish in an ombre design, that the girls noticed how harsh the transition between the pink and the black was.

In the hope that the colours would eventually blend together with time, they waited, but the colours didn't budge.

Trying to see the good in a bad situation, Serina decided that despite the jagged transition, the pink shade was pretty cute.

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But her sister thought otherwise, comparing them to "a flamingo beak with pink feathers" – not exactly what you want to hear…

Serina put the shabby job down to it nearly being closing time, leaving the nail technician to rush the design.

And even although she was disappointed with her new set of nails, she said: "I wasn't going to tell them that I didn't like the design because I'm a kind-hearted person."

After posting her nail fail to Facebook , it went viral with thousands of people commenting on it.

She said: "Someone said they look like dog nipples, others said they look like old and worn nails, and others asked why I actually would pay for that.

"I get where they're coming from, if I saw someone posting that I would ask why they paid for it."

Serina and her sister have planned to get their nails repainted elsewhere in the hopes they do a better job.

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