Woman horrified after discovering date’s stinking house is covered in cat poo

A woman has shared her horrific experience of spending the night at her date's house where she found cat poo all over the floor.

Jade Vorn took to TikTok to reveal one of the most disgusting things she has ever experienced in someone else's house.

She recalled there was a pungent smell the moment she walked into the date's place but that was not the worst part.

"So me and this bloke had been talking for like six months and I went over his house to stay, he still lived there with his mother and his sister, I walked in and this horrific smell immediately hit me like a ton of f***ing bricks," she said.

"And then I saw a cat, I was like 'aww, a cat'."

While she was patting and grooming the cat, her date apparently tolf her that he has not one, but five cats in the house.

Jade then continued: "So we went upstairs and the landing had like litter trays, I think there was only one or two, they were full, they had not been emptied, but it was the evening so… OK.

"The carpet had been ripped up on the landing, kinda seemed like it was stained."

But when she woke up the next morning, she found poo all over the floor.

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"There were dollops of s***e all over the landing that everyone was stepping around and not acknowledging," she added.

Viewers were baffled that Jade didn't sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and managed to stay overnight under such grim conditions.

One wrote: "I would not have stayed the night."

Another added: "I wouldn't have stayed two minutes let alone the night."

Jade replied: "I wish I hadn't… I got up to pee in the night (barefoot), luckily I didn't step in anything."

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