Woman hit with backlash for asking husband to go outside and filming him crying

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A woman who was hit with a wave of criticism after sharing a video of her husband crying alone in the garden has explained what really happened.

Jaclyn Gibson, from Dallas, US, received thousands of comments that slammed her posting the video "for likes" after the clip went viral with more than 11 million views in just three days.

The 28-year-old wrote in the caption: "Sometimes men don't know how to healthily deal with their emotions due to society's expectations. Let's encourage them to feel and release.

"Told my husband to go outside to take a deep breath and I caught him crying."

The eight-second clip shows her husband, Seth, lying on his stomach on a sun lounger and wiping tears off his face.

Many viewers were shocked and commented that she shouldn't be filming the scenes.

One wrote: "Not everything has to be on the Internet."

A second commented: "Instead of recording him, my first thought would have been to go out and take him tea, offer a hug, rub his head…something soothing."

"I'm pretty open with emotion but still feel the need to hide when I cry," a third added.

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To clear up viewers' confusion, Jaclyn explained in a second post that Seth had given permission for her to share it on their TikTok account.

"I might have worded it poorly but we are very open about our relationship," she said.

"I thought that moment was very precious, so I recorded that and people have misconception about the video.

"He was not mad at me, he was upset about something else so I told him to take a breather. I absolutely comforted him and encouraged him to go outside. I thought that moment was special so…it was clearly a massive fail.

"I just want you guys to know that I adore him, I love him more than anything."

Seth also added his thoughts to the responses, saying that he absolutely trusts his wife.

"That moment of getting an opportunity to step away from our daughter and work, to just go sit outside under the sun for a minute to have a moment to myself is exactly what I needed," he explained.

"So I'm thankful that she knows me that way, that she allowed me to do that.

"As an introvert, you just have to handle things on your own so I never thought I'd go viral for crying on the internet but we did it guys!"

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