Woman gets revenge on Tinder match who fat-shamed her – by contacting mum

A woman sought out sweet revenge after a bloke fat shamed her on Tinder – and her method was rather creative.

It all started when Yaz Humphries received a message from 30-year-old Rob on the dating app.

But upon viewing the message, the 27-year-old quickly found out the bloke was not going to be a match.

Although Rob asked the singleton out for a tipple, he sent her a cruel remark after meeting up with her.

He said: “Hi Yaz. Bit larger than I would normally go for, but fancy meeting for a drink?”

The cheek of it!

Disgusted at the nasty comment, Yaz took things into her own hands and found a clever way of getting back at Rob.

Yaz did a little bit of detective work after realising Rob’s Tinder profile was verified, so eventually found his mum, Janet, on Facebook.

She decided to enlighten his mum about his dating app behaviour.

Yaz said: “Hi Janet. Do hope you are well. Just thought I’d share the thoughtless message your son sent to me… no need or room for that kind of attitude in 2022.

“He won’t find anyone this way.”

However, Janet decided to side with her son with Rob having claimed he had been “hacked.”

The mum voiced : “Seems we have something odd happening! Having spoken to my son, he has no information about you on his phone and would never be so rude as to send a message like that to anyone!!

“Too well brought up to do that!! I’m pleased you sent the message to me but wonder why you didn’t message him directly???I hope you will trust that he would not do this!!!

“I don’t really understand hacking and how it works but maybe this is what has occurred?”

Yaz shared the exchange on TikTok which has now racked up thousands of views.

Stunned at Rob’s actions and his mum’s response, many people fled to the comments to defend Yaz.

One person commented: “Yeah she’s deffo part of the problem.”

Another user pointed out: “Ah the old hacking on Tinder when the hackers body shame people, the classic.”

And a third person claimed: “Age 30 and still acting like a petulant child. Never gonna pull a girl like that.”

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