Woman gets 26 injections and counting to look like Bratz doll – ‘Worlds best lips’

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Andrea Ivanova, from Sofia, Bulgaria has made headlines after being dubbed the woman with ‘the biggest lips in the world’. The 24-year-old has injected her lips 26 times and hopes the next time will achieve the same look as a Bratz doll. 

Enhancing her lips is just one of many cosmetic procedures Andrea has had. 

She recently paid a visit to her doctor for face lengthening and contouring in order to alter the shape of her chin and jawline. 

This procedure is said to cost around £500.

The next steps Andrea wishes to take to look more like a Bratz doll is to change her cheekbones. 

She hopes to shape them and enlarge them to look similar to that of the popular child’s doll. 

Because of her unique look, Andrea has gained attention around the world. 

She said: “Many men from all over the world write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips and inviting me to meetings all the time.” 

Andrea has had so many injection, which are said to cost around £200 a time, her lips look like they could burst, but this isn’t something she is worried about. 

She explained: “I like them a lot and feel much better with my lips.

“Very soon I will do the new procedures for lip and cheek augmentation too.” 

There are many people who like Andrea’s lips and have commented on her social media. 

One said: “Worlds best lips.” 

“My favourite lips,” another said. 

“You are a very very beautiful woman…. Very beautiful!” A third added. 

One commented: “You are gorgeous, a total babe!” 

What to think about before having face and lip fillers according to the NHS 

If you’re thinking about having dermal fillers, be clear about why you want them.

Having dermal fillers is usually safe if it’s done by an experienced and suitably qualified practitioner.

Check the person doing your dermal fillers is on a register to show they meet set standards in training, skill and insurance.

Avoid practitioners who have only completed a short training course.

Book a consultation before you have the procedure.

Ask about:

• the practitioner’s experience and qualifications

• the name of the product and how and where it’s made

• any risks or possible side effects

• what will happen if things go wrong

• what insurance cover they have

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