Woman complained about her weight to a takeaway delivery driver

Woman who told takeaway delivery driver she was worried about putting on weight reveals he texted later to reassure her ‘she’s not fat’ – but some brand his actions ‘creepy’

  • Shannon Passingham, from Chichester, West Sussex, ordered food on Saturday
  • NHS worker, 22, joked about gaining weight with her takeaway delivery driver 
  • Posting on Twitter, she revealed he later texted to reassure her ‘she’s not fat’ 
  • Some said the message was a sweet gesture, others questioned his intentions 

A woman who made a comment about being worried about her weight to a takeaway delivery driver has revealed he later sent her a text message reassuring her that ‘she’s not fat’.

Shannon Passingham, 22, from Chichester, West Sussex, jokingly told the kind-hearted driver she was worried she would pile on the pounds by eating the greasy treat after ordering a kebab late on Saturday evening.

However the mystery man felt compelled to message the NHS ambulance worker  after she’d got back inside to explain he was ‘worried’ about her self-conscious comment.   

The flattered customer shared the kind-hearted message on social media to show how ‘nice’ he was – but the move quickly sparked a debate about his true intentions. 

Shannon Passingham, 22, (pictured) from Chichester, West Sussex, sparked a debate about the intentions of a driver who texted her after delivering her food

Posting on Twitter, Shannon revealed she joked about her fears of gaining weight after ordering a kebab at the weekend 

Shannon posted a screenshot of her exchange with the driver on Twitter alongside a brief explanation on Sunday, and it’s since gone viral with more than 435,000 likes.

Many were quick to praise the concerned delivery man, hailing him ‘an angel’, however others thought the message was ‘creepy’ and suggested he wanted to bed the customer.

The driver’s text said: ‘Hi, you got me worried [about] what you said about getting fat. Don’t worry you’re not fat. I hope you’re okay.’

The message was sent via iMessage at 12.27am on what is believed to be the early hours of Sunday morning, but it’s not clear whether Shannon replied or not.

Shannon’s tweet said: ‘I ordered food from the kebab (again) and when the delivery man come to my door, I said “OMG I’m gunna get so fat”, and then he text me this.’

The takeaway delivery driver texted Shannon (pictured) after their brief conversation, claiming her self-conscious comment left him feeling worried 

A user posting under the name, Elizabeth Campbell replied: ‘THAT IS SO SWEET. He has probably struggled with or knows someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, so he’s probably hyper-aware of that kind of stuff so he wanted to reassure you.’

User @fandomslife67 said: ‘This is a very sweet thing for him to say. A lot of people struggle with body issues and eating disorders and it sounds like he just genuinely cares if you’re okay. It’s good to help others.’

Thea Stamper added: ‘Oh my heart. What an angel.’

Jessica Katully said: ‘The fact he checked on you and your mental health is so kind. The world needs more people like him.’

However, user @Jimmyhillish said: ‘No, he’s trying to get in her pants.’

Shannon (pictured) who was flattered by the text message told her 2,000 followers that she wanted to share how ‘nice’ her driver was 

A stream of comments agreed the text message seemed like a ‘sweet’ gesture and commented about how many people battle with eating disorders

Other users were equally suspicious of the driver’s text and replied to the tweet to joke how he might have wanted more than to just boost Shannon’s self-esteem. 

Blogger Sophie Harper said: ‘Be careful with that, I once had a delivery bloke hounding me via text.’

User @Mike92lfc said: ‘He liked the look of her and thought it was a good excuse to message her.’

Shannon, who has a boyfriend, seemed overwhelmed by the controversy her tweet caused, replying to it by saying: ‘F*** me, I only wanted to share that my delivery driver was nice.’ 

Others argued the delivery driver may have used Shannon’s comment about her weight as an excuse to text because he has other intentions

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