Why The Situation Is 'Kinda Pissed Off' at Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

"She's always got a problem with somebody,"

Angelina Pivarnick returned to church on Thursday’s new “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” but wound up facing holy hell from Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

In the new hour, everyone except Pivarnick continued their cast trip to El Paso, Texas, where Pauly D was playing a gig. Angelina bailed on the trip due to both her nose job and ongoing drama with her female costars, who just turned on her publicly and privately after she was accused of leaking the infamous wedding speech to the press.

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Instead of joining the rest of the group, Angelina stayed home and started going back to church. “The roommates are coming for me, my husband’s trying to throw dirt on my name. I feel like I need God in my life,” she said in a confessional, before meeting up with the priest who married her and Chris.

Following a blessing, Pivarnick joined the priest to then giving some advice to other couples headed to the altar — since she had learned “what not to do next time around” during her marriage to Larangeira.

During the meeting, she was asked why she was still wearing her wedding ring. “I take it off sometimes, but most of the time I wear it,” she explained, adding, “I don’t l know, I just feel more comfortable with it on.” She then left as another priest maybe started flirting with her — as Angelina exclaimed that the church would go “up in flames” if they started dating.

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Later in the hour, she gave Pauly D a call on FaceTime to wish him good luck at his gig, since she almost always attends them when she can. But when Mike popped up on the screen, she told him, “Get off the phone … I’m mad at you … shut up, dick!”

“We got beef already?” he asked, before wondering what the hell he did wrong. Flashback footage then showed him sharing a message from Chris about Angelina possibly leaking the wedding speech to the rest of the cast, inserting himself in the middle of the drama.

After she told Pauly to have a great show, she got off the phone — but Mike was ticked. “I was meeting Angelina’s call with positivity and she met me with negativity,” he said in a confessional.

“She wants beef with Old Situation, kid,” he then said to the group, again feigning ignorance over why she would possibly be angry with him. “I don’t know and I felt a little disrespected when she did that, ‘Get off the phone,’ like who is you?”

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“I don’t know why she’d be mad at Mike except maybe the fact Mike was talking to the boyfriends … and husbands and side-pieces and ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands,” joked Pauly in a confessional, while Vinny also called out Sitch for “stirring the pot.”

“Dude called me, people sent me receipts, whatever it is, I didn’t seek any of this out,” said Mike, defending himself. “It’s not my mess or my stress, but I’m kinda pissed off right now. I was trying to be nice … she’s always got a problem with somebody.”

It’s all he could talk about for the rest of the dinner — with Deena commenting that Mike was “just spiraling at this point” over Angelina’s slight.

The drama will continue next week, as Angelina prepares to confront Mike for getting in the middle of things. “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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