Who is Peter Fury, Hughie Fury’s father and trainer and did he train Tyson Fury too? – The Sun

PETER FURY is Hughie's father and doubles as his trainer.

He has helped his son win 25 of his 28 fights, as well as train for the WBO heavyweight title and WBA International heavyweight title.

Who is Peter Fury?

A NOTORIOUS name in the North West, Peter Fury has a murky past in Manchester's underworld.

He was jailed for ten years in 1995 for possession and intent to supply before being slapped with another charge in 2008 for money laundering.

But he now claims to be on the straight and narrow – putting that down to training Tyson and his son Hughie.

He said: "I’ve just finished paying nearly a million quid to the Government.

“Now I have to show people that I don’t get into anything. I’m a recluse, really. The police have a lot of informants and intelligence, so they know I’m not active in anything. I’m happy with that.”

In the run-up to the Fury v Parker fight, Peter got into a war of words with promoter David Higgins.

He stood up in the press conference and shouted: "Who gives a f*** about you or your f****** bodyguards? We come from the street, f*** off d***head, squealing like a pig. You don't belong in fighting circles, let the men fight, f****** dummy!"

Peter Fury also trains Savannah Marshall.

Did he train Tyson Fury too?

HE DID, and Tyson remains fiercly loyal to his uncle.

Fury has said: “If I wasn’t with Peter, I wouldn’t be in boxing. I wouldn’t train with anyone else.”

The pairs most famous night came in November 2015, when Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko to stun the world of boxing and become heavyweight champion.

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