Who is Harry Maguire's sister Daisy?

HARRY Maguire was recently arrested in Mykonos after getting into a brawl after his sister Daisy was allegedly stabbed in the arm with a metal straw.

But who is Daisy Maguire, and how old is she?

Who is Daisy Maguire?

Daisy Maguire is the younger sister of Manchester United's centre-back, Harry Maguire.

Harry Maguire was arrested in Mykonos after he allegedly lashed out in a fury when sister Daisy was allegedly stabbed in the arm.

Witnesses say he mistook plain-clothes cops for a gang that had targeted them.

Daisy is reportedly also a regular on the pitch like her older brother – and has played for Handsworth Parramore Ladies and Sheffield United.

Handsworth coach Bob Goldsmith previously commented: “She was fearless and committed compared to some of the other players.

“She was just a typical defender – just like her big brother.”

How old is she?

Daisy Maguire was 18 during the World Cup in 2018 – making her currently 20-years-old.

She is Harry Maguire's youngest sibling.

Daisy Maguire arrived back in the UK after the Mykonos fiasco, and the drunken brawl.

Daisy looked downtrodden as she dragged a suitcase back home in the village of Mosborough near Sheffield, in just her socks after the drama in Mykonos.

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