What is Kambo as Ferne McCann and Georgia Harrison praise the alternative therapy?

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Georgia Harrison and Ferne McCann have praised the benefits of alternative therapy treatment Kambo – but what is it?

The former Love Island beauty, 26, and First Time Mum star, 31, have opened up on social media about their experience with the medicinal ritual which uses the poisonous secretion from giant monkey frogs that are native to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Mum-of-one Ferne, who has recently split from Jack Padgett, 26, gave an insight into the treatment on her ITVBe show and was left squirming as she had frog secretion burnt onto her skin during the 'intense' treatment.

Meanwhile Georgia posted a snap of her ankle to her. 1.1million followers which saw five points, known as 'gates' on her leg, captioned: "Should I post my vlog on my Kambo experience? Saw Ferne document it on her show so feel like it's appropriate. Hi frog sis @fernemccann."

The Kambo treatment starts with a blistering of the top layer of the skin with a hot stick before it is peeled off to revel the epidermis, the thin outer layer of the skin, underneath.

Depending on the person, the number and position of the points, known as burns or gates, are believed to differ but are typically 1/8" in diameter.

The dried Kambo is then mixed with a little water and divided into small dots that are placed on the gates before it enters the lymphatic system.

After entering the body, the Kambo is believed to race around the body and scan it for problems before settling in a place to a work on a particular area.

In the first minute of the application, people are said to feel the effects and often feel a warm flush, dizziness or increased heart rate.

Following this, some people experience nausea and vomiting with the purging process believed to eliminate physical, emotional and energetic toxins from the body.

The Kambo is removed and the dots are dressed with natural tree sap in order to prevent infection. People often feel tired after their treatment and are advised to rest with most recovering within an hour.

Kambo is believed to help with a range of conditions, despite a lack of research, which includes anxiety, chronic pain, infertility and depression, although this is reportedly scientifically unproven.

Speaking to her 2.6million followers, Ferne explained her experience with Kambo and revealed that it was 'not for the faint-hearted'.

She said: "So I just wanted to quickly explain Kambo which was the alternative therapy that I did on episode two on last night's show where I was puking my guts up at the bright neon green sick.

"It is an alternative therapy that actually makes your purge and lots of people would be like, 'well why would you want to get that done?'"

The blonde beauty had her treatment through The Kambo Clinic, based in London, Surrey, Sussex & Essex, with a Kambo Ceremony costing £100 for a four-hour treatment.

She added: "Honestly, firstly I want to say that it is not for the faint-hearted it was incredibly intense and you would seen if you haven't watched my show already it was a full body experience but it was incredible. It was so enlightening and just really freeing and gave me lots and lots of clarity."

Ferne continued: "It was intense and I was saying yesterday that it was one of the weirdest things I think I have ever filmed. This treatment has been known to kind of release emotional blockages and clear past trauma.

"All I can say for me is that it really took me back to my labour and it gave me a real sense of resilience after the purge and when I came back round after having a sleep which is what they do after the treatment.

Ferne, who is mum to three year old Sunday ended: "I was very certain, I had this like certainty – it was amazing. I am going to tag Claire who was just incredible who is the Kambo expert that you saw on First Time Mum last night."

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