Watch Japan's Life-Size Gundam Move During a Series of Movement Tests

After being completed last month, Japan’s life-size Gundam can now move. In a series of videos captured by residents of Yokohama’s bayside district, the 59-foot RX-78-2 unit can be seen going through a series of motion tests.

Although the movement captured is rather slow, the 55,500-pound mech moves smoothly fully walking and taking a knee. What’s more impressive is the range of motion showcased when the Gundam turns its head and moves both its arms and fingers. Although the full capabilities are currently unclear, we should have a better idea of what the Gundam is capable of once Gundam Factory Yokohama, where the life-size RX-78-2 unit resides, officially opens as the grand opening of the amusement center has been delayed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Catch Japan’s life-size Gundam moving the series of videos below.

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