Vodafone is offering double 5G data for a limited-time only

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If you find yourself regularly eat into your monthly data allowance then Voxi by Vodafone could have the perfect deal for you. Voxi is Vodafone’s contract-free service which prides itself on how easy it is to cancel, along with unlimited social media data usage on all plans and unlimited streaming for video apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube on the vast majority of plans. If this sounds ideal for you then the good news is Voxi is throwing in free 5G data across virtually all plans right now. The cheapest plan costs £10 a month and usually offers an 8GB 5G data allowance. Right now Voxi is almost doubling this to 15GB at no extra cost to customers.

15GB a month

Voxi by Vodafone is offering free 5G data across a range of plans. The £10 a month offering usually includes an 8GB monthly data allowance. But for a limited time only for the same price you can get 15GB a month.

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30GB a month

With the £15 a month plan Voxi is offering double data right now. For the usual 15GB price you can get 30GB of monthly data. This plan also includes unlimited streaming on apps such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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60GB a month

If you regularly eat into your data allowance then you may want the £20 a month plan. This usually offers a 30GB data allowance, but for a limited time only this has a whopping 60GB of monthly data you can use.

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Endless data

If you want all-you-can eat data then Voxi has also cut the price of its unlimited data offering from £35 a month to £30 a month. Don’t delay if you like the sound of these SIM-only deals though as the promotion ends on October 7.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

if you’re after a new handset then Voxi also offers the entire Apple iPhone 13 range. Prices for the top-tier iPhone 13 Pro Max start from £44 a month. If you choose either the Pro or Pro Max then you’ll be able to grab the stunning new sierra blue colour scheme that’s exclusive to these handsets – which will turn plenty of heads.

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro

If you want a top-tier iPhone, but don’t want to fork out for the Pro Max, then Voxi also has the Apple iPhone 13 Pro in stock, which is available from £40 a month. One of the headline draws of the new iPhones is Cinematic Mode, which lets you take Hollywood-style movies simply with your smartphone.

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Apple iPhone 13

Alternatively, if you don’t need the top-of-the-range iPhones then Voxi also has the iPhone 13 in stock. Unlike previous cheaper iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 and XR, the iPhone 13 boasts a gorgeous OLED screen – which is ideal for people who regularly watch movies, boxsets or other video content on their smartphone.

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Apple iPhone 13 mini

The cheapest iPhone 13 model that Voxi has available is the iPhone 13 mini. This offers all the great specs of the regular iPhone 13, but boasts a smaller form factor – with a 5.4inch OLED screen. This handset is perfect if you’d like to use your smartphone with one hand.

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