Vissles Introduces the World's Slimmest 85-Key Aluminum Optical-Mechanical RGB Keyboard

Vissles has brought high-end gaming laptop keyboard technology to the masses.

Just 3mm taller than Apple’s slim keyboard, the LP85 is a 75% ultra-slim optical-mechanical keyboard that packs high-performance optical switches, a solid aluminum frame, and 19 dynamic RGB modes — it is the world’s slimmest 85-key low-profile keyboard. Design for those that enjoy the tactile sensation of mechanical switches, the LP85 is portable at just 1.2 pounds, has N-key rollover with 50g actuation force, 0.2ms response times, 1.2mm pre-travel, and 2.5mm total travel. Users will find its ergonomic design and slim profile easy on the wrists where fatigue from long hours of typing is reduced.

Available for both Mac and Windows layouts, Vissles’ LP85 Ultra-Thin Optical-Mechanical RGB Keyboard is available now at Kickstarter for $99 USD.

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