Virgo 2021 horoscope – what’s in store for your star sign in 2021?

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The year 2020 was a disappointment to say the least, and everyone is hoping that 2021 will bring fun, adventure, or even just normality. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram), to hear her Leo 2021 predictions.

Virgos are known for getting their priorities straight and making lists, so they will be in their element in January.

Bex said: “Expect to start the year with a keen desire to get yourself organised, Virgo.

“You might well ask ‘what’s new?’, but 2021 begins with your ruling planet Mercury moving into your sixth House of Aquarius.

“This is a superb placement for decluttering, writing to-do lists and managing tasks.

“Never mind a spring clean – you’re having a January refresh! To make the most of this then let yourself be really open-minded and liberal when setting your goals for the rest of the year. Let your ideas run wild!”

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You’ll also be focussing on your health in January, Bex said.

She explained: “Go for that check-up, start a new exercise plan or integrate a radical wellness routine into your schedule – then actually stuck to it!”

You’re going to learn a lot this year in general and do some exploring, Virgo.

Bex said: “Venus, Mercury and the Sun all cluster in Taurus in April, shining a light on new perspectives, long distance travel and even adventure.

“You may choose to learn a new language at this time, or perhaps treat yourself to an extended holiday.”

In terms of love, focussing on yourself and waiting for love to come to you seems like the best bet.

Bex said: “There’s the potential to fall in love with a stranger from abroad, or at least make positive connections with someone from foreign lands.

“If you’re planning a move abroad, this is the time to do it!”

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Mars will make you retreat into yourself a little bit, but in a very positive way.

Bex said: “Mars moves into Leo in June, and since this is your twelfth house, it signals you’ll be more focused on spending time alone and reflecting upon the outcomes of your year so far.

“You could feel dreamier and more imaginative – this is a great time to let your creativity flow.

“Look out for people entering your life who could have a message for you.”

Bex said this might also be the time to end a relationship in some form, whether business or personal.

You’re going to be pampering yourself in the late summer, Virgo.

Bex explained: “When both Venus and Mars enter your sign in late summer, you can expect to feel a desire for self-indulgence, tempered with guilt that you’re enjoying yourself.

“Try not to be too self-critical! Your thoughts also turn to helping others, and you’re likely to become super focused on achieving a job well done.

“It’s crucial during this time that you allow yourself a little rest!”

Autumn is a time for reflection and having serious chats with your loved ones when Mercury enters Scorpio in your third house.

Bex said: “You could find yourself having deep and meaningful conversations with siblings, or focus your emotions and attention in your local community.”

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