Viewers are stunned by transformations on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Cancer survivor, 45, who ‘doesn’t feel like a woman’ after years of treatment and former ‘glamour puss’, 50, who’s been overwhelmed by responsibilities stun viewers with their makeovers on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

  • Carer Suzanne, 45, has survived five years of aggressive cancer treatment 
  • Clerical officer Alison, from South London, 50, says lost track of who she was 
  • Both women appeared on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days on Channel 5 last night 
  • Viewers were stunned with the pair’s bold and colourful transformations 

 Two women stunned viewers when they appeared on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days on Channel 5 last night. 

Suzanne, a carer, 45, admitted on the show that she didn’t feel like a woman after five years spent fighting cancer and going through aggressive surgeries. 

Meanwhile, Alison, 50, a clerical officer from South London, had lost track of her glamourous self during years of juggling work, children and caring for her elderly father, 92. 

Both women had ended up neglecting themselves and looked much older than they actually were, with a poll of the strangers putting Suzanne’s age at 55 – a decade older – and Alison four years older than her actual age at 54.  

But after ten days spent in the hands of the Channel 5 show’s expert, Suzanne and Alison stunned viewers with their unrecognisable makoevers. 

Suzanne, a carer, 45, admitted on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days on Channel 5 last night that she didn’t feel like a woman after five years spent fighting cancer and going through aggressive surgeries. Pictured before her transformation, left and after, right 

After years of illness, Suzanne said her cancer battle had caused her to lose touch with her femininity.  

‘There was a certain time where I was having three to four operations a year, I’ve had a brain tumour removed, a hysterectomy, a vulvectomy,’ she said. 

‘I don’t feel like a woman because of the operations I’ve had, it’s been non-stop, going to hospital, recovering, back in and it’s just been a constant battle,’ Suzanne said. 

‘I just want to be attractive, I want to be back to were I was a few years ago,’ she explained to her children, Karly and Kieron. 

Clerical officer Alison, 50, from South London, said she had lost track of her inner ‘glamour puss. Pictured before the transformation, left, and after, right

Her daughter Karly said: ‘I do worry about her because she does isolate herself and I don’t think that’s good.

‘I would like for my mum to get back out there so she could feel more confident and find someone other than us to love her,’ Kieron said. 

‘I’d like to look in the mirror and see the confident person that I used to be,’ Suzanne said. 

People thought the mother-of-two looked much older than she was, putting her age at 55, ten years older than her actual age 

She admitted to host Cherry Healey that she hasn’t felt great about herself for eight to ten years, and that the operations she’s gone through have taken their toll on her. 

‘I’m not a person that wants to be noticed,’ she said, ‘I don’t like people looking at me because I’m not confident within myself. It’s easier to sort of be unnoticed,’ she admitted. 

Viewers were impressed by the makeovers and were delighted to see both women feeling so much more confident 

Suzanne, pictured before, said she felt like her years of cancer treatment and hospital visits had taken a tole on her looks

Her first meeting was with Dr Tapan Patel, who administered her with a baby Botox treatment on the frown lines on her forehead. 

Dr Patel also used derma fillers to restore Suzanne’s upper lip, which she said she was self-conscious about because it was thinning.  

‘When we look at another person’s face, we often focus on the eyes and the lips,’ the expert said, adding he was going to ‘plump [Suzanne’s lips] up nicely, but in a way that suits her face.’

‘I’m going to feel a million dollars,’ Suzanne rejoiced. 

After this initial treatment, she went to visit hairstylist John Vial to discuss how to manage her thinning locks, which have been impacted by years of cancer treatment.  

John said he wanted to highlight her striking blue eyes by going darker with her hair, while making sure her mane remained as thick as possible. 

When it came to her wardrobe, Suzanne had given up trying to look feminine, sticking to shapeless leggings and sweaters and rarely wearing dresses. 

After her transformation, pictured, Suzanne said she was ready to pass her confidence down to her children to be a more confident family 

‘As much as I can try and tell myself, I don’t feel like a woman,’ she said. ‘I don’t look like a woman, I’d love to feel like a woman again.

‘I used to be somebody that, if I liked something, I’d wear it, now I’m just boring,’ she told stylist Gemma Sheppard.

‘Confidence is the big word here for you,’ Gemma told her.

After the session with Gemma, Suzanne felt a real boost. 

‘After all the operations I’ve gone through, to start reclaiming me as a person, my body and starting to feel like a woman again, it’s now becoming “You know what, I can look nice, and I will strut my stuff”,’ she said. 

‘I don’t want to be invisible anymore.’

When it came time to see the result of the makover, Suzanne was left speechless. 

Gemma had dressed her in a pair of leather legging tucked in biker boots, and wrapped her up in a soft white sweater with an asymmetric pleat down the front.

The mother-of-two, pictured now, said she felt she was ‘reclaiming’ herself after years of wanting to disappear

John had dyed her hair brunette, with a few highlights adding some warmth to her profile, while her makeup was also done up with some bronzer to compliment her glow and a dash of orange lipstick put the focus on her plumped lips. 

‘Bitt by bit I am reclaiming me and it’s an amazing feeling to like me again,’ Suzanne said after seeing her reflection in the mirror.  

‘I didn’t think it could boost my inside confidence, but actually, it has.’

‘I’ve gone through a lot but I did survive it all, and I’m now going on to be the survivor,’ she told Cherry. 

The public put Suzanne’s new age after the makeover at 43, two years younger than her actual age and 12 years younger than what they thought she looked like previously.  

‘Never in my wildest dreams did i think that I would end up looking this good,’ she said, before adding: ‘I don’t feel 45, I do feel and I look younger,’ Suzanne said.  

Outside, her family were waiting to see Suzanne.  

‘She’s been through a lot with her health issue and it has brought her confidence down a lot, so having this opp will definitely lead to a brighter spot for her, Karly said.

Kieron said: ‘I just want to see my mum happy for once. It’d be nice to see a smile on her face.

When they saw her, both her children ran to Suzanne and started crying, telling her she looked amazing. 

‘Now it’s my turn to pass my newfound confidence onto you two and we can be a confident family,’ she told them. 

‘Now there’s not a chance that I want tot be invisible, I want to be walking down the street with my head held high and making sure every body is staring.’

Meanwhile in South London, busy mother and clerical officer Alison said she lost her way and her family agreed.  

‘Growing up my mum was really outgoing, always the life of the party,’ her daughter Yasmine said. 

‘As she’s gotten older, she’s become a shell of her former self.’

‘I’m a lone parent with three kids and an elderly father and I work full time,’ Alison said. 

‘In the last five years, I’ve put myself last on ladder of priorities. 

‘People must think “She doesn’t take care of herself”. Little do they know, I’m a glamour puss struggling to get out,’ she added. 

After turning 50, Alison was determined to reconnect with her old self. ‘I want to be fab, I want to be glam, I want to be fantastic,’ she said. 

Alison, pictured before, said she had slowly been fading away and had put herself last in the list of her priorities for years 

Even though she was 50, people put her age at 54, and while she admitted she had ‘neglected’ herself, Alison said she felt 21 inside.  

‘I was a glamour puss, 5 inches nail, lipstick, smiling all the time, life and soul of the party, didn’t wear black,’ she told Cherry, before admitting she had become a shadow of her former self through a ‘slow drip-drop process.’

‘I’m 50 this year, I started to compose a list and I thought I’d have 50 things I’d like to do, and one thing was “I need to fix this”,’ she said, gesturing to her face.

‘I want to find that old Alison, reach down inside and bring her out, I don”t want to look 54, I want to look 21,’ she said. 

Her first appointment was to fix one of Alison’s biggest fears: her teeth. 

‘My self-neglect started with avoiding the dentist. I would go when the pain was worst than the fear, and this is the result,’ she said. 

After years of decay, Alison had missing teeth and needed an in-depth treatment from cosmetic dentist Dr Uchenna Okoye, who said that she understood why people were afraid to go to the dentist. 

’21st dentistry is brilliant, there’s always something that can be done, it’s never as bad as you think,’ she told the camera. 

She set up Alisons with fixer bridges, to replace her broken teeth and she gave her teeth a big clean. 

‘I absolutely love it, look, my god, I’m smiling,’ Alison said when she saw the result of her dentist appointment. 

‘Thank you for giving me back my life,’ she told Dr Okoye. 

‘I don’t know the last time I felt this happy with my smile, I’m smiling at the end of the day at the dentist, I just see Alison,’ Alison said. 

After her transformation, the mother-of-three said she felt ‘fab’ and glamourous, ready to keep her new looks up 

After this dental appointment, Alison visited Gemma Sheppard, where she reconnected with her love of colour.  

‘The old Alison used to step out, she’d feel glamourous, confident and loved life,’ she said. I just too many balls to juggle right now,’ she added. 

Quizzed by Gemma, she revealed she liked to try anything when it came to fashion.  

‘I would try anything, feathers, patterns, colour. And now it’s just all black,’ she said. 

Gemma made Alison try some of her old colouful clothes to help he reconnect with her colour-loving self to rediscover her ‘mojo.’   

‘I’m not going to be that wall flower, if I like it, I’m gonna wear it,’ a re-energised Alison said after meeting Gemma. 

Cherry then put Alison out of her comfort zone with a pole dancing lesson to help her reconnect with her ‘inner goddess.’ 

‘The old me felt very excited, id look in the mirror thinking “yeah” she’s in there still, I just need to reach inside and found her,’ Alison said. 

‘I need to jump off that merry goes round of worries,’ she added. 

Alison, pictured after, said she felt beautiful and attractive and said she felt she had found her old self back 

Alison didn’t have a particular skincare regime, which meant that she had a lot of enlarged pores and oily skin, from lack of moisture. 

She went with Nilam Holmes Patel for a micro-needling treatment to reverse the effect of neglect on her skin, and Nilam also recommended a skincare routine for her to do everyday in order to sustain her skin. 

 Her last appointment was with John Vial, with whom she discussed her afraid, which had been damaged due to years of treatments, and had become brittle. 

John discussed the possibility of turned Alison blond, which she was very excited about.  

‘I’m beginning to feel that I could actually be glam,’ she said. 

When came time for her reveal, Alison left Cherry speechless. 

She was wearing an orange pantsuit with an asymmetric sleeve, black drop hoop earrings, and her hair had been dyed blond after a 11h session in John’s chair.  

‘Are you kidding, oh my god, this is fab,’ the mother-of-three said, tearing up.

‘I cant believe that, I don’t even recognise myself, look at my hair,’ she said. 

‘I always wanted to be a blond bombshell,’ she joked. ‘I love it, I love everything,’ she added. 

The public loved it as well and put Alison’s new age at 44, ten years younger than what they thought she looked previously, and six years younger than her actual age. 

‘I feel beautiful, I feel attractive I feel like myself, looking at the reflection, even though it’s new and improved, I love what I see, I feel fab, honey,’ Alison said. 

‘If my dad is 92 and he can get himself dressed in his best, I’m going to make the effort to keep this up for ever, it’s a new chapter in my life which I’m going to enjoy,’ she added. 

10 Years Younger continues next Sunday 13 June at 8pm on Channel 5. 

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