Victoria Monét Worked with Diddy the First Time She Wrote a Song for Another Artist

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Firsts for first-timers in any industry tend to be an unglamorous business transaction. Writers accept little to no pay for bylines. Models get gigs as drive-in girls in Sonic ads. Actors star in indie films they hope will eventually be buried by more prolific work on their IMDb pages.

But for singer-songwriter Victoria Monét, one of her first times working in the competitive music industry turned out to be what could’ve been the peak of someone else’s career.

“When I moved to L.A., I started writing for other people. So I was always a songwriter, but originally it was for my own music,” Monét says in our latest episode of On the Rise. “And then I was able to tap into other peoples’ narratives and do different styles. My very first placement as a songwriter for another artist was actually a song called ‘I Hate That You Love Me.’ It was on Diddy Dirty Money’s project, and it was such an incredible energy and feeling to be able to do that.”

The 26-year-old adds, “I’ve known about Diddy and all of his name and glory for … my whole life. He sent me a jacket that I still have. It looks like a bomber jacket. I feel like I’ll be able to tell my kids and grandkids like, ‘Look what your grandma did! I got this jacket from Diddy. Yeah, look him up.'”

Other big names she’s worked with include T.I., Jhené Aiko, Fifth Harmony, and Ariana Grande (her work on Grande’s 2019 “Thank U, Next” earned Monét two Grammy nominations).

“But one crazy, crazy [collaboration] that was at an early stage—that I didn’t feel like someone as legendary would even consider—was Nas,” Monét says. “I got to be on his Life Is Good album. It’s nice to get validation from someone who’s been in the game so long and seen so much, and passed through so many people, and to be selected and appreciated and valued enough to even be kept on his iconic project.”

Her forthcoming project, Jaguar, is expected to be released this spring.

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