Vicky Pattison lifts the lid on her worst year and hitting rock bottom in 2018

Geordie Shore's former star Vicky Pattison bravely opens up about her worst year ever in an intimate interview, speaking about failed relationships and touching on mental health.

The 32-year-old delves into how she was feeling during her darkest period in 2018 after going through a stint of not eating and taking care of herself properly.

From hitting rock-bottom she picked herself up and is now happy and healthy again after she endured therapy sessions and hired a life coach to support her.

After coming out on the other side of trickier times, Vicky has vowed to put mental health "above anything else" in her life going forward.

Vicky lifted the lid on issues she'd faced with food in past, admitting that she had misunderstood what "health" actually was.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "The best feeling is being healthy and for some reason, I mistook what 'health' was, I thought it was a number on the scales or fitting into a size eight.

"But being healthy is waking up before your alarm clock goes off, smiling more, dancing in the street and not being bothered anybody is watching."

An accumulation of tragic happening hadn't helped Vicky with putting her best foot forward, sadly her best friend Paul Burns, former Mr Newcastle died in June, not long followed by her grandma Mavis who also passed away.

On top of two deaths that year, her ex boyfriend business tycoon fiancé John Noble was also caught on camera getting a little too close to other women behind Vicky's back.

Looking back at the ordeal, the Geordie born lass said: "There’s no shame in failed relationships, I thought it was going somewhere.

"It felt like it had real weight and was what I should have always been looking for. For it to end in that way is what I always feared the most.

"Being disrespected, being cheated on, being publicly embarrassed, that really took the wind out of my sails and I broke up with him the minute I heard what he did."

Speaking out about the impact the break-up had on her own wellbeing she admitted to giving up on food and that she wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle.

Vicky admitted: "Food didn’t feel important any more. It was the first time in my life that’s happened. I’m such a foodie — I love my scran.

"I lost loads of weight. I must have lost a stone in a matter of weeks. And then it just didn’t feel important, which is stupid."

Taking control back and turning her year of hell on it's head, she hired a life coach, met property developer Ercan Ramadan, 26, and found her her love of food again.

After appearing on celebrity MasterChef last year and making the final, Vicky now has a new food and chat telly show on TLC, called Vicky Pattison Spills The Beans.

Vicky Pattison Spills The Beans starts tonight 10pm on TLC, featuring Pete Wicks, Fern McCann and their mums.

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