Unearthed home movies show Her Majesty in her younger days with family

Queen of larks! Unearthed home movies show Her Majesty in her younger days as she frolics with family

  • A new documentary will air previously unseen footage from private home movies of the Queen as child
  • Videos will show a young Princess Elizabeth relaxing with her family and during days off from official duty
  • BBC One will air Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen documentary on May 29 ahead of the Platinum Jubilee

Laughing, dancing, playing with Papa – here is a glimpse of the larks of little Lilibet, revealed in images unearthed for the first time.

In delightful stills taken from private home movies, Princess Elizabeth can be seen enjoying a carefree childhood.

At the Royal Lodge in Windsor in 1940, she frolics in matching dresses with Princess Margaret – and a corgi – and falls backwards on a chair in an apparent prank by George VI.

BBC One documentary The Queen Unseen features previously unseen footage from the royal family’s home video collection. Pictured: Princess Elizabeth playing with her father King George VI and her sister Princess Margaret at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, 1940

Princess Elizabeth in South Africa in March 1947 during a three day break from official duties at Royal Natal National Park

Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth dancing at Royal Lodge Windsor in 1940, with a pet corgi next to them

The footage from family movies shows young princess with a beaming smile

Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth with their father King George VI onboard HMS Vanguard in 1947

Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth stand next to each other posing for the camera

The Queen when she was just 20 years old on a visit to South Africa in 1947

The videos show sisters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in a more relaxed manner while on a break in South Africa 

The young monarch wears an unguarded smile in much of the footage, including in one shot that shows her surrounded by flowers as she enjoys a break from official duties in South Africa in 1947.

The footage will be broadcast on the BBC – which was granted unprecedented access to the reels by the Queen – in its Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen documentary, which airs on May 29.

The Royal Family have filmed each other since the 1920s but hundreds of these home-made recordings have been held privately by the Royal Collection in the vaults of the British Film Institute for decades.

The Queen has granted the BBC unprecedented access for them to be shown for the first time.

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