Tyson Fury urges Deontay Wilder to call him for talks over mental health after accusing Gypsy King of cheating

TYSON FURY has urged troubled Deontay Wilder to call him for help with his mental health.

Since the Gypsy King dethroned the American in sensational Las Vegas fashion last February, Wilder has come up with a string of far-fetched excuses.

And last week he released a bizarre video making a string of slanderous accusations against Fury and his own former trainer Mark Breland.

The 35-year-old initially said his heavy ringwalk costume and a bicep injury were to blame for his battering.

But now he reckons Fury loaded his gloves and Breland spiked his water.

Fury is so disgusted he has refused to ever grant him a trilogy fight.

But the mental health campaigner has also reached out to the old foe he thinks is struggling to come to terms with his first shattering defeat, after five years as heavyweight king.

Fury, 32, told This Morning: “At the moment I think Deontay Wilder has bigger issues to deal with than boxing.

"I am quite worried for his health and well being.

“I know he won’t have wanted to lose, after being an undefeated champion for so long, but there comes a time when you just have to accept it and move on.

“Wilder does not seem able to do that, he is holding on to malice feelings and making excuses and I am concerned for his mental well being, because some of his statements are ludicrous.

“But I am only a phone call away, if I can help him then I will because it seems this fight has really affected his well being.”

Fury has now refocused his attention on a December 5 comeback against undefeated German Agit Kabayel.

The behind-closed-doors Royal Albert Hall show has been agreed and the announcement is expected before the weekend.

Wilder’s team claim they are still contractually entitled to a third fight and an external mediator is examining their deal to decide how the rivalry is settled.

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