Tyson Fury caught up in CHEAT row by using tampered gloves to fight Deontay Wilder which Ben Davison brands ‘nonsense’ – The Sun

BEN DAVISON has slammed the “nonsense” allegation Tyson Fury used tampered gloves when fighting Deontay Wilder.

The bizarre suggestion emerged in a homemade online video as the footage was used to insinuate that Fury’s hands were not fitted in the gloves correctly before their first fight in December 2018.

But trainer Davison, who was in the heavyweight's corner for the draw, pointed out his punches make a flicking motion opposed to turning over the knuckles, which is why the gloves look flappy.

Davison rightfully explains how a state athletic commission and Wilder’s own team would have been present as he got both his hands wrapped and gloves fitted.

The coach and close friend of Fury dismissed the ridiculous allegation, as he told iFL TV: “Look, there's a commissioner there, there's nothing in the gloves, it's ridiculous.

“Something came out about the sparring as well, it's absolute nonsense. You've got a commissioner with you 24/7.

“The opposite team are watching him tie his gloves. How can he tie his gloves, get it taped up, pull his hand back out, put it in the middle [of the glove] and re-do it? It's madness.

Look, there's a commissioner there, there's nothing in the gloves, it's ridiculous

“It's the way Tyson throws shots because he throws what are called throwaway shots, so sometimes he'll throw a punch at you that he's not intending to hit you with or intending to do damage with to make you look here or think about this.

“Sometimes he may throw with an open hand, flick it out to make you think about this, occupy you with something to hit you somewhere else.”

Davison was also forced to deny claims Fury tampered with sparring gloves in October.

And experienced cutman Stitch Duran – who was ringside as Fury beat Wilder in the rematch – also laid evidence to shoot down the ludicrous cheating allegation.  

Duran told Boxing Social: "There was no tampering whatsoever. I was there. It's just a big myth. It didn't happen.

"That's why you have the inspectors there to make sure everything is followed within the guidelines.

"None of that happened, but it's good for discussion. It's going to fade away. It's not even true, it's not even close to being true."

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