TOWIE hunk Charlie King was in ‘depths of despair’ after nose job went wrong

TOWIE's Charlie King has told how he reached the "depths of my despair" after a nose job went wrong.

The reality star opened up as he spoke before the Health and Social Care Committee about struggling with body dysmorphia, a condition which sees sufferers spending a lot of time worrying about physical flaws that are often unnoticeable to others.

Charlie, 36, shared that he was bullied at school and struggled with his sexuality.

He said for much of his teens and 20s he experienced an "internal turmoil", and that one of the things he could control was his own image.

The star said he became "obsessed" with his nose during the coronavirus lockdown and decided to have surgery, which then didn't go "to plan".

"During lockdown and being isolated and being on my own, my obsession turned to my nose because it had been broken 15, 20 years ago, whenever it was," he said.

"It was something I just became obsessed with… 'It needs to change, I need to fix it, I need to go and see a plastic surgeon'.

"So I did and the surgeon agreed, 'We can improve that', and with my nature as a person I got the validation that I need, so let's do it."

The TV star went on: "I don't want to say botched nose job… I had a nose job that didn't go to plan."

Charlie – who wants more mental health support for people who have cosmetic procedures – had to wait a year until his nose could be fixed and said that in that time he "went to the depths of my despair".

"I had to move back and live with my mum because I couldn't earn money and I was depressed,” said the celeb, who was on TOWIE between 2012 and 2017.

He said that even now he was "still not myself".

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