Tom Jones John Lennon feud: What happened between Sir Tom and The Beatles star?

Tom Jones discusses reading negative reviews

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Sir Tom Jones had many major showbiz friends, namely Elvis Presley. The Beatles, despite coming to the end of their road as a band, were some of the biggest names when Sir Tom arrived. However, Sir Tom’s allegiance to Elvis, it seems, may have clouded his judgement when it came to one Beatle: John Lennon.

Elvis Presley was openly not a big John Lennon fan, despite the latter being a big fan of The King’s music.

Part of this dislike came with John’s political viewpoints, which were anti-war, while Elvis was a proud military veteran.

As well as this, Elvis reportedly asked his friend and FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover, to kick John out of the country for his sentiments.

This story was told to Sir Tom, as reported by Chris Hutchins in the Daily Mail in 2011, which saw Sir Tom join his friend Elvis in wanting to give John ‘a hiding.’

According to Mr Hutchins, Elvis said: “He should’ve been kicked out long ago.”

Sir Tom responded: “I had a run-in with him myself. He made some smart remark at a TV studio in England, where we were appearing on the show Thank Your Lucky Stars.

“I wanted to take him outside and see what sort of hiding his intellect would stand.”

Mr Hutchins commented how Sir Tom’s frustration at Lennon had made Presley smile as if it showed how Presley had found someone who understood him.

Their conversation came after an incident during which Elvis met The Beatles, but it did not go so well after The King overheard John’s political views being shared.

Mr Hutchins said: “His [Elvis’s] dislike of the pacifist Beatle [John] was born from the night I took the Fab Four to his house for their first – and last – meeting.

“John had annoyed Presley by making his anti-war feelings known the moment he stepped into the massive lounge and spotted the table lamps – model wagons engraved with the message: ‘All the way with LBJ [former US President Lyndon B Johnson]’.

“Lennon hated President Lyndon B Johnson for raising the stakes in the Vietnam War.”

Elvis, of course, became aware of this, and Priscilla Presley also spoke of when they met, saying the Beatles’ nerves caused them to ‘giggle’ a lot before meeting their idol.

As for Sir Tom, his meeting with John was different, which he explained in an interview with Channel Bee1.

Their meeting was on Thank Your Lucky Stars, a TV show in the UK at the time, but looking back Sir Tom knew it was “just his sense of humour.”

He said: “John Lennon was the first one out on the floor and he looks up at me and he says [to the tune of It’s Not Unusual], ’It’s not a unicorn it’s an elephant.

“He said, ‘How you doing you Welsh p***?’ I said, ‘Come up here you Scouse p****, I’ll show you!’

His manager Gordon Mills, calmed Sir Tom down by telling him it was his sense of humour.

Sir Tom added: “Which it was. And then we became friends later on. He was taking the mick, or taking the p**s.”

The Welsh singer became friends with the Beatles, though is not known to have collaborated with any of them.

However, he did remain close pals with Elvis, even singing with him in Las Vegas.

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