Tom Brady Is Launching His Own Hollywood Production Company

While New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ponders a career-changing decision, the six-time Super Bowl champion has found another profession that will prepare him for life after football.

As reported by Deadline, the future Hall of Famer is set to launch his own Hollywood production company called “199 productions.” It will focus on creating “original premium content including documentaries, feature films and television shows.”

The number “199” is a reference to the spot Brady was selected in during the 2000 draft, 20 years ago. The Patriots took a chance on the Michigan quarterback that every other team passed on numerous times. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The report from Deadline added that Brady will be working with the Russo brothers, who achieved worldwide fame for their work in the Captain America and Avengers franchises. Brady revealed that their first project will be a 3D documentary called Unseen Football.

Up until now, Brady didn’t offer many hints as to what he would do when his illustrious NFL career comes to an end. He’ll follow the long list of former professional athletes who wound up launching careers in Hollywood, and Brady already has a history in the movie business.

Brady has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. This included a cameo in Entourage and in Ted 2, which starred Mark Wahlberg – a Patriots super fan who happens to be a close friend of Brady’s.

The soon-to-be 43-year-old obviously has the money, connections and other resources to build a powerful career in the Hollywood industry. Once he retires (and who knows when that’ll be), Brady’s production company should really take off.

For now, the perennial Pro Bowler will continue to discuss a new contract with the Patriots. If they can’t agree to a deal, Brady will enter free agency for the first time in his career. Perhaps the Los Angeles Chargers would appeal as a destination to Brady, who would have the golden opportunity to expand his production company during his final playing years.

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