This handy gadget backs up your phone every time you charge it

Every year millions of smartphones are lost or stolen. And that figure doesn’t even account for the sheer number of devices that are damaged annually.

The real pain point here isn’t just that you’ll need to source a new smartphone to call, text and surf the web, but that if you haven’t properly stored your personal files, it will be hard, if not impossible, to recover them. This includes your vacation pictures, curated music playlists, and contact lists.

If you aren’t one to consciously upload your files to the cloud on a daily basis, consider the TOKK Photo Cube as an alternative for keeping your files safe. This device connects to your phone charger so that when you plug in your device, you’ll simultaneously be sending a copy of your calendar, contacts, photos, videos, songs, and more to the Photo Cube. With 64GB of storage, it will be able to back up a variety of your digital files, ensuring you have a Plan B if the worst-case scenario happens and your iPhone or Android device gets lost or damaged.

Of course, it’s not just your smartphones that require a backup plan. Laptops and tablets, too, can benefit from the TOKK Photo Cube, thanks to its universal design.

The device’s smart backup design will also send you a reminder notification when the memory card is full. Once space opens up, the device will resume the back up from where it left off. Other notable features include its dual iOS and Android compatibility, easy-to-use interface, and one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

While normally priced at $99.99, currently the TOKK Photo Cube is on sale for 30% off, making its final price $69.99. Considering that the TOKK Photo Cube helps eliminate any future anxiety or fears of losing your most precious digital files, we think its newly discounted price is well worth it.

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