These Tasty Baby Food Pouches Will Make Portable Feeding Easy

As a parent, making fresh food on the spot isn’t always possible, and that’s totally fine! However, there are quite a few products on the market that will make your life easier when it comes to feeding your child, and one of those things is baby food pouches. The beauty of these portable snacks is that they’re packed with fruits, veggies and other nutritious ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re feeding your little one, and you can save time making food.

When going through the virtual baby food aisle, you’ll want to consider a few things when making a selection for your little one. First, baby food pouches are made for babies based on the stage they’re in, so make sure that the stage corresponds to their age. Then, you’ll want to consider fiber, protein, and other things like Omega-3s that can help your baby grow strong and healthy! We’ve rounded up the best baby food pouches that you can buy so you can save even more time.

1. Mama Bear Baby Food

Have peace of mind while feeding your baby while you’re on-the-go with these organic baby food pouches from Mama Bear. This pack includes 12 four-ounce packets so you’ll have plenty on hand when you need to feed them a quick, healthy snack. You can rest assured there are no artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors so you can know you’re giving them the best nutrition. These snacks are USDA organic, non-GMO and gluten-free as well. They’re a stage two baby food, fit for babies who are six months and up. Packed with tons of goodness, they’ll love the taste of these pouches made with apples, bananas, strawberry, and yogurt.

2. Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches

If you’re looking for a plant-based baby food pouch, these ones from Sprout Organics are just what you’re looking for. Made for stage three feedings, these organic food pouches are USDA certified organic and include non-GMO ingredients for peace of mind. The plant-based puree is packed with organic chickpeas and boasts three grams of fiber and three grams of protein to keep them full and strong. This set includes 18 pouches and three flavors (butternut, chickpea, quinoa and dates; sweet pea, carrot, corn, and white bean; pumpkin, apple, red lentil, and cinnamon) for a nice variety. You won’t find any preservatives, fillers, concentrates, or additives.

3. Earth’s Best Stage 2 Baby Food

If your little one doesn’t finish the entire pouch (which is very likely), you won’t need to waste the remaining food in the pouch with these resealable pouches. Made by Earth’s Best, these delicious baby food pouches will be a treat for your baby while being healthy and safe to eat. You won’t find modified food starch, artificial flavors, or artificial colors in these organic food pouches. Made with whole grains, this comforting oatmeal food is packed with flavor and is filling at the same time. This is meant for Stage three feedings, so it’s suitable for little ones aged three to nine months.

4. Plum Organics Stage 2 Baby Food

This Stage two baby food pouch is made with blends of pure fruits and veggies, so you know you’re giving them the best and nutritious meals possible. They’re non-GMO, packed with organic ingredients, and are gently-cooked blends that are all unsalted, unsweetened, and Kosher. The best part is that these pouches are resealable, so when your little one doesn’t finish the entire pouch (which is bound to happen), you can easily seal it up for later so you’re not wasting any food. This tasty variety pack includes flavors like pear, spinach and pea, pear, purple carrot and blueberry, and banana and pumpkin.

5. Happy Tot Stage 4 Baby Food Pouches

Made for later-in-life Stage 4 feedings, this superfood-packed baby food is going to keep them healthy and growing. These pouches are filled with organic fruits and vegetable mixes with salba, so you know they’re getting the best possible. Plus, they have a boost of omega-3s and fiber thanks to the super food chia. These mindfully made pouches provide the perfect ratio of carbs, protein, fat, and vitamins, and minerals that your child needs at their specific stage in life. Plus, they’ll love the tasty flavors and will keep coming back for more, so snack time just got easier for you!

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