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DESPITE switching off the heating, households can end up using just as much energy in their home during hotter weather as the winter. 

With temperatures rising across the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking your energy bills would drop. 

But many of the appliances people use in warmer weather could actually be costing you a small fortune. 

From fans that keep you cool at night to drinks fridges, these devices could be making a serious dent in your wallet… 

Electric fans

Leaving an electric fan on all night can be a cheaper option than having air conditioning on, but it's still going to be adding to your energy bill. 

Running a 40 watt fan for 12 hours a night will cost you around 14.45p.

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The exact costs will depend on your energy tariff and the device you have.

But you can use this equation to work it out: Cost = power (kilowatt) × time (hour) × cost of 1 kWh (pence).

The cost of 1 kWh under the current energy price cap is 30.11p.

At 14.45p a night, it would cost you £1.11 to have your fan on every night for a week, and £4.33 if you had it on for 12 hours a day for a full month.

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To avoid having the fan on, try switching to a lightweight summer duvet if you have one and be sure to open windows at night to let the air move about your home. 

You can also reduce costs by setting your fan to a lower speed. 

Electric shower

Feeling hot and sweaty in baking hot temperatures isn’t enjoyable, so you might find yourself taking more showers than normal when warmer weather sets in.

But keep your energy bills in mind when you're hopping in the shower.

Cutting the your shower to just four minutes should reduce the average household’s energy costs by £70 a year, the Energy Saving Trust estimates.

It will also slash your water bills if you are on a meter.

The sunny weather might be the perfect time to brave a cold shower, as it will save you the cost of firing up your boiler.

You could also invest in an eco-shower head which uses water more efficiently and could halve the litres per minute that go down the drain. 

Drinks fridge

Drinks fridges are always handy if you are having friends or family over for a BBQ or a party. 

But be careful – they are one of the most energy-hungry appliances you can use. 

According to Uswitch, a small drinks fridge that holds 12 bottles or 38 cans will cost about £36 a year to run if it is constantly switched on. 

So make sure you empty and turn off your spare fridge if you aren’t using it. 

If you have people over and need to keep some drinks cool, why not get a big bucket of ice for the day – it’ll keep costs down in the long run. 

Outdoor lighting

If you are outside and enjoying the warm weather you might want to stay out late into the evening. 

Many Brits will be decking their gardens with outside decorative lights for parties. 

Keeping just two 60watt outside lights on for 10 hours a night could add £1.80 a day to your energy bills.

When you are out buying outdoor lights always remember to check whether they are energy efficient. 

It’s always worth shopping around- you’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour. 

You could also consider buying solar powered lights, which take in the sun’s energy through the day and use that to run once it gets dark. 

Smart speaker

A heatwave is the perfect opportunity to relax outside and listen to some music. 

But smart speakers are some of the most expensive devices to leave on standby.

Your Alexa, or device of choice, has a fairly low energy usage at around 3 watts.

But surprisingly, it uses almost as much when it's left on standby too, eating up 2 watts of energy even when you're not using it.

That adds an extra £4.90 a year onto your energy bill if you leave it plugged in but not in use 24 hours a day.

So, while there is no problem playing your favourite songs, make sure you unplug it when you are finished. 

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