The Full Moon in Gemini is near: Here's what each star sign should focus on

The next Full Moon is on December 19, known as the Cold Moon (for obvious reasons).

Full Moons present more opportunity for reflection than action, they bring an insightful, illuminating, contemplative energy to our world and make us pause to think about things we haven’t yet fully clarified or expressed.

They bring stuff to the surface, basically.

This Full Moon occurs in the Sun sign of Sagittarius and therefore sits with the opposing Moon sign of Gemini.

These astrological influences combine to make us ponder on the adventures in our lives, the quests or missions we find ourselves on, wishing for, or having already accomplished.

Gemini wants us to take a rational approach to our plans, the devil is in the detail, while Sagittarius urges free rein on passion and big picture ideals.

It’s likely that something has been brewing for you, for a while, around the theme of travel, adventure, expansion, exploration.

Use this Full Moon to identify what quest you’re being called to and start to do some research and planning to understand what you could do, in 2022, to make this happen.

This is kinda of like early New Year’s resolution planning. Let the tarot give each star sign a nudge as to where to start…


March 21 to April 20

Tarot card for Aries this Full Moon: Nine of Swords

Meaning: There’s a shift in attitude for you, because recently you’ve felt many of your plans have been risk-averse, cautious, toned down. You really believe you’ve been led more by fear than hope, and you want to get back to being you.

The Nine of Swords sees you expressing all of this angst to someone you trust, feeling much brighter, and ready to make inspiring, hopeful, magical plans again.

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April 21 to May 21

Tarot card for Taurus this Full Moon: The Ace of Wands

Meaning: ‘New’ is the theme tune of your deliberations this Full Moon.

The Ace of Wands sees you listing the places you’ve never been, the classes you never took, the hobbies you never tried, and the roles you never adopted.

You want 2022 to be full of new adventure and inspiration, and you’re prepared to research what that could be, prioritise the most exciting options, and book them in before 2021 ends!

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May 22 to June 21

Tarot card for Gemini this Full Moon: The Three of Wands

Meaning: You’re preparing to go full steam ahead on the fledgling projects, roles and ideas you’ve been toying with, or building up, in 2021.

The Three of Wands sees you actively looking for openings to super size your ambitions and make everything you’re working on bigger, bolder, and brighter.

Spontaneity is important, because life is fast and fleeting, but you’re on alert to spot the opportunities as they emerge.

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June 22 to July 23

Tarot card for Cancer this Full Moon: Five of Coins

Meaning: Goodbye, regret. You are closing down a chapter where you’ve been looking backwards more than forwards, and this Full Moon marks the key turning of your gaze to the future.

You have loved and lost and grieved, and you’re fully processed with all of that. You want new energy and opportunity.

Start small, start by finding someone who’s doing something you like the look of, and get them to help you make a start on it too. Friends will help you.

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July 24 to August 23

Tarot card for Leo this Full Moon: The Moon

Meaning: This Full Moon you are uncovering great and exciting mysteries from within, inner wisdom and insight, personal self-awareness and understanding, forgiveness for your flaws and appreciation for your strengths.

It all comes welling up and surfaces, and it feels cathartic and healing. The Moon shows you’re tuning in to your genuine, authentic true desires. Let them lead you into 2022.

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August 24 to September 23

Tarot card for Virgo for this Full Moon: Page of Coins

Meaning: You are considering some kind of educational goal for 2022, and this is perfect for you.

Be it a class, new language app, craft or skill, reading program, career development forum, new podcast, lecture series, or workshop, sign up and book in to discover more about that which most interests you.

Heck, it could even become something you can make a living at. Add a feather to your cap and a string to your bow in 2022.

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September 24 to October 23

Tarot card for Libra this Full Moon: Two of Cups

Meaning: You want to deepen and build your friendship circle and love life.

Your relationships are critically important to you, and various lockdowns and enforced separations have taken their toll and changed the dynamics.

You have a quest in mind to rebuild rekindle and restore the important bonds, and to seek new ones.

Two of Cups shows that your relationship world can become a source of deep comfort and joy.

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October 24 to November 22

Tarot card for Scorpio this Full Moon: The Eight of Swords

Meaning: The Eight of Swords is about mental prisons, self-fulfilling prophecies, self-limiting beliefs and behaviours – basically the times when we self-sabotage and get in our own way.

This Full Moon, you receive illuminating enlightenment about your own attitudes and actions, and how they can thwart you reaching your full potential.

This is a wake-up call. And you’re awake now! When you think differently, your world will feel different, and you’ll behave differently. It all starts right here.

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November 23 to December 21

Tarot card for Sagittarius for this Full Moon: Queen of Wands

Meaning: Travel is top of your list. Whatever is possible in these strange times, you’re up for it, more than ready for it, and eager to start researching and planning the destinations and outings you want to embark on in 2022.

Queen of Wands is brave, confident, inspired and motivated. She makes stuff happen.

You’re tired of playing it safe, you want to get out there and see the world again.

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December 22 to January 21

Tarot card for Capricorn this Full Moon: A new mood is emerging in yourself, and that is to be more network-y, communicative, collaborative, and open to working with and joining in with others.

This is new. Previously you’ve been happier to fly solo and work alone. Well, the Eight of Wands sees you appreciating you get further, faster, with the support of others, and you want more of that.

You’re thinking about how you can meet new people with like-minded interests and create some collaborations in the future. This is a game changer.

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January 22 to February 19

Tarot card for Aquarius this Full Moon: Nine of Coins

Meaning: This Full Moon sees you looking ahead, to the big picture and long-term vision, and thinking about what steps you need to take now to manifest your ideals.

Work, home, health, and money are on your mind. Life happens by design, and you’re in the mood to design the ideals, the ambitions, and the plans to take you there.

Think big. Be bold. The higher you aim, the better the outcome. Challenge yourself to create the life you dream of.

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February 20 to March 20

Tarot card for Pisces this Full Moon: The World

Meaning: The World is the tarot’s final card and represents attainment, achievement, the fulfilment of a major life ambition.

So, what are you working on? What excites you the most right now? This is where you should focus this Full Moon, and consider how you can amplify and accelerate towards this goal in 2022.

Also, this card can indicate global travel and horizons, so maybe your golden future lies overseas?

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