Teenager Documents Life in Retirement Complex She Accidentally Moved Into

“This could be a sitcom.”

It’s cheap, it’s quiet, it’s spacious, it’s clean… what’s the catch? None — if you don’t mind being six decades younger than all your neighbors.

That’s the living situation 19-year-old Madison Kohout found herself in when she moved out of state into a new apartment, without realizing it was a retirement complex.

Now the teenager is documenting her life living amongst the sexagenarians in, what one TikTok commenter appraised, “could be a sitcom.”

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“Me getting ready to move to an apartment out of state that ive never seen in person… and realize i just moved myself into retirement home,” Madi captioned her now viral introductory clip, that has amassed almost 3.5million view thus far.

And life there, it seems, is good.

“The rent was significantly cheaper compared to where I had moved from,” she told Insider. “I was able to lease a two-bedroom for only $350 a month. It was super spacious and felt like home.”

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The teen already had something of an unusual life back in Oklahoma, where she said she had two absent parents. But after meeting a woman named Gigi on TikTok, the two developed a close bond, and she became her “TikTok Mom”; a year later Gigi offered to adopt the teen — and Madi accepted.

Gigi convinced her to pack up her life in OK and move to Arkansas to be near her new family — and even helped her find a cheap apartment, that almost looked too good to be true.

It wasn’t until a week later she realized how far out of the demographic she was.

“When I went out to my car, I started meeting some of my neighbors. To my surprise, they were all over the age of 65,” she said.

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“A week later, I saw the sign reading ‘Senior Citizen Apartments.’ I realized I accidentally moved into a retirement village.”

But Madison is not complaining: as anyone can see from her joyous TikToks, she has fully embraced life with her elderly neighbors, and frequently recruits them into her videos.

“When I get home it’s usually always super quiet,” she boasts in one, “because most of my neighbors are asleep by the time I get home.”

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“But one MAJOR perk is that I can play music whenever I want to, ’cause some of them can’t hear.”

Some commenters insist there must be downsides too: “Congrats. You’re their IT person now,” one joked.

But Madi is not looking back. “And just remember,” she signs off in one of her TikToks, “if you are struggling with rent… start your retirement early.”

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