Teen has spent thousands on collection of more than 750 Pusheen toys

Do you know Pusheen?

She’s a tubby tabby cat who you might have seen as a Facebook Messenger sticker, on a birthday card, or as a cute little illustration on Instagram.

Pusheen has millions of fans around the world, but 19-year-old student Kendall might be one of the biggest.

Currently studying in Florida while pet-sitting and babysitting for extra cash, Kendall has amassed an impressive collection of more than 750 Pusheen toys.

She has built up her stash over the past five years, estimating she’s spent $4,000 (around £2,950) of her own money getting more and more cuddly cats.

‘My Pusheen collection started when my friend gave me my first Pusheen, which was a pizza one,’ Kendall tells Metro.co.uk. ‘I fell in love instantly.

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‘They remind me of my cat, Lily, who I loved dearly. She passed away at a young age from nasal cancer.

‘She was a light grey kitty who was in the chunky side, just like Pusheen. I collect them in her honour.’

The 750+ Pusheens mainly live at Kendall’s parents home, in the loft. She says her parents don’t mind, but admits that they’re starting to run out of room.

A few dozen Pusheens hang out in Kendall’s dorm room and college, and a select few are taken out and about on adventures.

‘I usually take one or two Pusheens with me depending on where I’m going,’ explains the teenager. ‘My gator Pusheen is our college dorm room mascot. Go, Gators!’

With so many to choose from, the collector doesn’t have a favourite Pusheen, but notes that her custom design from when she graduated high school is ‘extra special’.

Kendall’s real-life cat, Rosie, an eight-year-old brown tabby, prefers the giant Pusheen – mostly to sleep on.

The teenager’s love of the cat character has earned her a loyal following on Instagram and TikTok, where she’s found a large community of fellow Pusheen fans.

She’s also caught the eye of the makers of Pusheen, who have liked a photo of Kendall’s massive collection – although, sadly, they have not yet officially recognised her with a ‘biggest Pusheen fan’ badge or free Pusheens to fill the entire house.

What’s next for Kendall? You guessed it – more Pusheens.

‘I collect Pusheens for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others,’ she tells us. ‘They seem to brighten people’s days.

‘My Pusheens will live at my parent’s home and in my dorm room until I graduate. Then, they will move to wherever I end up living.

‘I plan on expanding my collection at least through college.

‘I do not plan on selling them anytime soon, but one day I may sell them or give them away to charity.

‘There is one Pusheen I haven’t been able to purchase. It is the pre-Gund Pusheen, which is really expensive and hard to come by. They are listed for well over $100 on eBay. That is the one I yearn to add to my collection one one day.’

Do you have a collection – of anything, not just Pusheens – as impressive as Kendall’s?

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