Takeshi "Big O" Osumi Dies at Age 47

It has just been announced that Takeshi Osumi aka “BIG-O” has died at the age of 47. A prominent figure in the world of Japanese fashion and culture, BIG-O was responsible for cult labels such as SWAGGER (1999), PHENOMENON (2004), and then MISTERGENTLEMAN in 2012, which he launched with PARIYA’s Yuichi Yoshii.

His imaginative mind was responsible for a number of groundbreaking collections, full of unconventional tailoring and ornate details. Each runway show will also be remembered for the incorporation of one of Osumi’s most celebrated sources of inspiration — music. Items like the multi-pocket MA-1, tapestry blazers, and even the number of outerwear pieces with mismatched materials, are all just small examples of BIG-O’s fun and creative approach to his take on fashion. And while all the things that “he would like to wear” were not always for everyone, one couldn’t help but appreciate his talent.

Fans of BIG-O’s work can witness his final MISTERGENTLEMAN Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection debuting at the Tokyo Fashion Week in March. He worked on this collection on his hospital bed up until his death.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Diamond family.

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