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PANIC BUYING has become a major issue for many shoppers as supermarkets cannot keep up with the mass purchasing of essential items.

Toilet rolls, handwash soaps and pasta are among a number of products that are sold out instantly as people prepare themselves for an extended period of time indoors.

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Yet, the elderly are among those most at risk of not only running out of food supplies, but of also catching coronavirus especially in packed places like shops.

Are supermarkets open today?

Yes, they are very much staying open with all essential public places expected to remain available during the coronavirus crisis.

The government have called on people to limit the amount of time outside of their homes, with work, shopping and pharmacy visits considered the only necessities.

What are the supermarket opening times?

The mad dash for essential items will be on as soon as the doors open to stores today.

Shoppers have been stockpiling goods for when the coronavirus spread worsens in the UK, to avoid the need to go down to their local and risk contracting the killer bug.

Yet, some stores are now even rationing customers to avoid leaving some unhappy and empty-handed – the first time this has been done since World War II.

Here are what time supermarkets are opening today (Thursday, March 19):

  • Tesco: Most stores open from 6am including 24-hour shops – find your local here
  • ASDA: Most stores open from 6am or 7am – all 24-hour shops open at 6am – find your local here
  • Morrisons: Most stores open from 7am – find your local here
  • Sainsburys: Stores open from 7am – find your local here
  • Coop: Most stores open from 6am or 7am – find your local here
  • Iceland: Stores open from 8am – find your local here
  • Lidl: Stores open from 8am – find your local here
  • Aldi: Stores open from 8am – find your local here
  • Watirose: Store opening times vary from 7am to 8am – find your local here
  • M&S: Store opening times vary between 6am and 9am – find your local here

Why are some stores opening earlier than usual?

Some stores are now opening early to allow the older generation to do their shopping in peace.

They will be allowed to pick up much-needed supplies without worrying if items are sold out due to panic-buying, with some ugly scenes as shoppers fight over various goods.

The elderly are also most at risk of dying from COVID-19 and less people in supermarkets means less risk of them contracting the killer bug.

Here are the shops opening early for the elderly:

  • Iceland are opening one or two hours early for the elderly – find which store is doing this here
  • Sainsburys are opening their doors to the elderly and vulnerable customers ONLY today (Thursday, March 19)
  • Morrisons will use 9am to 10am every day from Monday to Saturday to provide more help to the elderly and vulnerable customers
  • Lidl are allowing only the pensioners in for the first two hours in all stores across Ireland – but have not replicated in England, Wales or Scotland so far
  • Tesco are opening the store to just over-65s and their carers for the first hour in Ireland – they have yet to repeat this across the UK

How long will these special hours last for?

For the time being, stores are expected to keep to these special hours for the foreseeable future until the coronavirus outbreak has been contained.

This allows elderly and vulnerable customers the peace of mind to pick up their groceries and essential items before other shoppers.

Although Sainsburys has not noted a regular opening time slot for these customers, they are providing all over-70s and those with disabilities priority booking of their online delivery slots from March 23.

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