Stripper exposes worst type of clients – from drunks who throw up to stinky men

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A stripper has spilled the beans on the worst type of clients who swagger into strip clubs in the early hours of the morning.

While the majority of paying customers are respectful, not all men make a good impression with the professional dancers.

And French beauty Lola, who works in London, has opened up about some of her stripping horror stories.

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Speaking with the Daily Star, she said: “You have the drunk guys who throw up and they stink.

“You ask if they are OK and they just get sick everywhere. In general they are the worst.

“It actually happens all the time and they can’t handle their drink. We had one guy who p*ssed himself too. It is disgusting.”

Lola, now 31, moved to London when she was 18 and has worked various jobs, from being in reality TV to grafting as a PA.

She began stripping to make money to pay for acting lessons and her time in the industry even inspired her to write a book about her experiences.

And talking about the bottom of the barrel customers, she continued: “You get rude ones and they can’t stand women.

“I feel that if someone is not very nice I choose my mental health over wealth. I will refuse their money.

“You also get ones who don’t know how to hold a conversation or how to speak.

“Some are just gross and they want to get extra or they are just pervy and they think we actually enjoy it and it’s like 'oh my god, you are delusional mate'.

“They really believe what they say, it's quite sad. They say things like ‘I’m sure you enjoy this and I’m different’ but it is our job to make them feel special.

“Some clients are very smart and they say they know we are in entertainment and they understand the concept and I like that.

“Of course sometimes you have a really good time with the client but sometimes you wonder how they can’t read your body language and understand that you're not into them.”

She also said some stingy blokes come into the club but refuse to open their wallets while others negotiate a price as if they are "buying fruit and veg at a market".

Venting her frustration, she added: “I know everyone doesn’t have the same budget and you can have some guys spend £10,000 or £20,000 a night and some can’t and that’s totally understandable.

“But at least spend money for one dance. It is the polite thing to do. Do one little dance to show you are not a total d***head. They don’t understand that if they don’t pay, we don’t get paid.”

Lola added: “And being married is a bulls**t excuse because you still watch the stage where there are half naked girls and you are watching so you are already wrong for coming here.”

Another bugbear for Lola is clients being discourteous and disrespectful to dancers.

She said having basic manners in strip clubs should be no different to saying hello and thank you to workers in Waitrose.

And offering advice to customers, she said: “Just respect the girls. I see my comments on TikTok and they say ‘why should we say hello when you are just selling your body and providing a service’ and that just shows what a s**t person they are.”

Despite the downsides, the industry has been good to Lola.

She said the money was hard-earned but fast, meaning you could be struggling one day and hours later have savings again.

Lola also said her colleagues are less judgy to the corporate world where she described being “stared at” by other women for looking glamorous.

And referring to the upsides, she concluded: “You create wild memories. When I am 70-years-old I am going to be like wow, what a wild life that was and I can look back and laugh.

“It is a unique lifestyle and I like that it’s different.”

Lola's book, 'Strip: The Diary of a Hustler' is available both in paperback and on Kindle here.


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