Stray Texas Dog Caught on Camera Stealing Packages from Neighborhood Doorsteps

Most dogs chase after the mailperson — but this neighborhood stray knows to stay far away from those who deliver packages so that he can make his next move.

After a Texas family noticed they were dealing with a package thief, they decided to check footage from their doorbell camera to catch the culprit.

Upon reviewing the video, the Graza family discovered that the person stealing their packages wasn’t a person at all — it was a dog!

“It was kind of funny because nobody would ever expect a dog to steal a package,” Abby Garza, 10, told local television station, KRGV, of the neighborhood stray.

As the family watched the clip, they noticed the dog had a very thought out plan to steal the packages.

The dog — who Garza said frequents the McAllen, Texas neighborhood — is seen patiently waiting for the mailperson to drive off before making his move toward the doorstep.

Once in the clear, the dog trots to the door, sniffs the package, and grabs it with his teeth before running away.

“The first package was my mom’s clothes, the second was my easter basket, he was chewing all over it,” Garza said.

As most of the neighborhood is aware of the four-legged thief, the Ganza family said neighbors will return packages to their rightful owners should they come across a box dropped by the dog in the wrong spot.

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