Spanish holidays could be saved with new travel corridor so Brits can soak up some sun over Christmas

BRITS could still enjoy a family holiday to Spain despite the current Covid rules, as some of the country's islands are calling for a travel corridor with the UK.

The Canary Islands are calling on the Spanish government to set up a green-list style travel corridor to prevent the collapse of the tourism sector.

This could see Brits with holiday plans in the coming days and weeks still get to go abroad and soak up some sun.

The Spanish hotel association Ashotel hopes that Brits who have holidays planned in the Canary Islands over Christmas will still be able to visit.

The corridor would permit vaccinated Brits to visit the islands without restrictions, and would also allow kids aged between 12 and 17 who have not yet had their second jab to show a negative Covid test instead.

This would be in spite of the travel rules for Spain which require all children aged 12 and over to be fully vaccinated.

A spokesman for Ashotel said: "It is, therefore, about making tourist activity possible in the islands this winter season, without renouncing the control and prevention of the disease."

Ashotel claims there is a low infection rate among tourists, and there are strict regulations in hotels which should safeguard visitors.

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Covid cases in the Canaries have soared in recent weeks, particularly in Tenerife and Gran Canaria which are seeing more than 1,600 cases a day.

Ashotel says this has triggered massive alarm over the potential collapse of the tourism industry in the islands.

The hotel group said: "The objective of a safe tourist health corridor is none other than to save the winter season and, with it, the immediate future of the Canarian economy, which cannot afford another season without finally taking off."

From December 13 to 19, 8,532 Covid cases were detected on the islands, of which just 62 were among the tourist population.

Ashotel said: "This shows, once again, that the rise in infections has nothing to do with tourist and hotel facilities, in which strict security measures are followed, based on protocols developed by the country's tourism sector, which have been revealed very useful and that have been International Standard for Organisation (ISO) standard throughout Europe.

"Throughout the pandemic crisis, accommodation establishments have been shown to be safe places and where the applicable measures protect clients and workers."

Despite calls for a travel corridor and an easing of restrictions, it is feared that more Covid travel rules could be brought in to try and slow the spread of Omicron.

The Spanish prime minister will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow where the best course of action for Spain will be decided.

Thousands of Brits have already cancelled their holidays to popular Spanish hotspots due to Covid travel rules.

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