Sir Paul McCartney admits talking to his guitars and has even apologised to them

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that he has conversations with his guitars.

The Beatles legend said he feels guilty if he hasn’t played with one of his instruments for a while.

And the superstar also mentioned that he even apologised to one because he had left it alone and told it: "You must be lonely."

Macca, 79, explained: "The guitar was propped up on a window seat in the corner of my living room in the country, in Sussex.

"It struck me I hadn’t played it for a while, and I looked over and sort of thought, 'Oh my gosh, there’s something wrong with this, I should be playing you, and you must be lonely.'

"I felt quite guilty in a minor way, so I went over and started playing, and then the song that came out was me talking directly to the guitar and talking about all the times it had helped me."

He added: "We always used to say that when you sit down with your guitar to write a song, you’re telling it your secrets, which then become a song for the world.

"But at that moment, when you’re alone, the guitar is your confidante. You cradle it. It also looks like a woman. There’s lots of stuff going on there."

Sir Paul has laid bare the stories behind a whopping 154 songs that he wrote in The Beatles and beyond in his new book The Lyrics.

Four years ago he penned Confidante as a solo artist after confiding all sorts of secrets to his guitars.

He said: "There was a cupboard underneath the staircase, a little triangular thing like where Harry Potter grew up.

"It was normally where you put your house phone, but it was also a good place if you were looking for a hideaway cupboard, which I was. I still am; I’m always looking for my hideaway cupboard.

"So, I was thinking back and wondering, ‘When did this whole confidante thing start?’ There I was underneath the staircase, starting this whole tradition in my life of cradling an instrument and telling it my troubles.

"I just liked the idea that with this guitar I could tell them how grateful I was for having a confidante who could come with me on far-off journeys. That’s how I feel about a guitar."

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