Simple cleaning hack dusts your radiator and leaves the room smelling great

A cleaning fanatic has found a hack to speed up the chore of cleaning your radiator.

Charl, who amassed 15,000 followers on TikTok in three weeks, showed viewers a quick way to remove the dust trapped inside the grilles.

Instead of inserting a long, thin duster inside and pulling it out to clean, the 20-year-old used a blast can to do the job.

Posting on her account @cleaningwithcharl, she uses a scented air freshener and sprays it directly into the radiator.

The pressure pushes the dust through and drops it onto the floor. Charl repeats the steps as she continues to clean the whole radiator.

She then gathers the dust, along with her dog's hair, and rolls it into a ball.

The spray can freshen and sanitise at the same time, leaving a delightful scent in the room.

Hundreds of viewers commented on Charl's post and called it a "genius idea".

One suggested to rinse the radiator by pouring water through the grilles, but Charl said she had tried it and it got "a bit messy" for her.

Some said the dust blasted out looked like creepy crawlies.

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"I was sure it was all spiders crawling out, it took me a while to realise it was dust!" another wrote.

A third added: "This is genius. I need to get that can right now."

Meanwhile, a woman who did a cleaning job in a house where the previous tenant stayed for 21 years discovered that the wall was covered in orange-coloured tar.

She wiped the wall with the cleaning product and revealed the white colour underneath.

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