Shoppers pay HUNDREDS of pounds more for the same items online – we explain how to avoid it

SHOPPERS are paying hundreds of pounds more for the exactly the same items sold online – from fridges to TVs.

The Sun found that prices for the same products varied wildly online when comparing costs using different price comparison websites.

We discovered price tag differences of up to 42% in some cases, even though the items were exactly the same.

Using comparison websites Kelkoo, PriceSpy, Google Shopping and PriceRunner, we checked what the lowest price listed on each site was for six individual items.

In total, we found that customers would be losing out on a whopping £459 if they didn’t use numerous comparison sites to check out the best deal.

Price comparison sites work by searching hundreds of retailers' websites and comparing the best prices for the same items.

However, as shops are constantly dropping or raising prices, comparison websites might not all have the most recent up-to-date information – so prices will always vary.

Before you splash out on your shopping, make sure to use a variety of price checker sites to find what the best possible price for your item is.

You could find one site lists the same item for a lot less money than another.

Here’s how prices varied between our basket of six items:

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 

The Sun spotted that customers could be paying up to £12 more for these Bose headphones.

While Kelkoo listed the best price for the headphones at £190 from Cex, Pricespy was logging this at £202 from

Google Shopping said the cheapest price for them was £194, while PriceRunner said it was £198.

  • PriceSpy: £202 
  • Google Shopping: £194 
  • PriceRunner: £198
  • Kelkoo: £190 
  • Price difference: £12 (4%)

Chanel No. 5 

Perfume can make for a great present or treat to yourself, but designer brands can be expensive so it’s best to check prices.

Google Shopping found the best deal at £50 at Beauty Traders, but both PriceRunner and Kelkoo said the cheapest price they could find for it was £86 – a £36 difference.

PriceSpy said the cheapest price was £80 at Beauty Cos.

  • PriceSpy: £79.95 
  • Google Shopping: £50
  • PriceRunner: £86 
  • Kelkoo: £86
  • Price difference: £36 (42%)

Philips Smart LED TV

If you’re on the hunt for a new fridge, you could be paying hundreds of pounds more for the same item if you don’t check prices.

We spotted that while PriceRunner and PriceSpy said £999 was the best deal you could get on this Phillips TV at Amazon, Google Shopping discovered that you could get it for £774 on PC Components.

That’s a whopping £225 price difference.

  • Kelkoo: £949 
  • PriceRunner: £999
  • Google Shopping: £774
  • PriceSpy: £999
  • Price difference: £225 (23%)

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus trainers

Big brands can often mean you need to pay out more, which is why it’s good to try and get the best deal possible.

But while PriceSpy said the best deal for these Nike running trainers was £105 on Zalando, Google Shopping noted that they were £66 at Keller Sports.

PriceRunner said Uni Sport Store were selling them the cheapest at £75, and Kelkoo spotted them on Amazon for £74.

  • PriceRunner: £75 
  • Kelkoo: £74
  • Google Shopping: £66
  • PriceSpy: £105
  • Price difference: £39 (37%)

Numatic Henry Compact

PriceRunner, PriceSpy and Google Shopping said the best price for this Henry vacuum cleaner was £100.

But Kelkoo listed this at £152 from online shop Office Monster – meaning you would be forking out £52 more if you didn’t check prices.

  • PriceRunner: £100
  • PriceSpy: £100
  • Google Shopping – £100
  • Kelkoo: £152
  • Price difference: £52 (34%)

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