Shake Shack Korea Celebrates 5th-Anniversary With Bulgogi Burger and Makgeolli Shake

To mark its fifth anniversary, Shake Shack Korea has launched a menu celebrating iconic elements of Korean cuisine. The special creation includes a Shackburger reimagined with bulgogi (grilled marinated slices of beef) and a Makgeolli Shake that incorporates the alcoholic beverage made from rice.

The Seoul Style Bulgogi Burger was created with Hanilgwan, a traditional restaurant with a 22-year-long history. The burger features a Shake Shack patty topped with black Angus beef bulgogi and paired with melted gouda cheese, bulgogi-mayo sauce and pickled radish and carrot. While the Makgeolli Shake mixes Shake Shack’s signature vanilla custard with Jipyeong Jujo‘s makgeolli, topped with rice crisps for a crunchy texture.

The Seoul Style Bulgogi Burger and Makgeolli Shake is available until August 31 at Shake Shack locations in South Korea to mark the chain’s fifth anniversary in the country.

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