Satanic groups across the US ‘are mutilating cattle for sexual organs’

Satanic groups have been slaughtering cows across the US for years in a twisted desire to steal their sexual organs, an exorcist has exclusively told Daily Star Online.

Thousands of cattle have been mutilated in the country over the past 30 years, often in very mysterious circumstances.

In Oregon last year, cows were found to have been sucked dry of blood while on hundreds of other occasions their sexual organs have been removed.

Some believe an unknown animal is to blame, others think a secret government operation is at fault and conspiracy theorists have even claimed aliens are the reason.

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But exorcist Bob Larson – whose 1997 book UFOs and the Alien Index delved into the mystery behind mutilations – believes they are the work of shady groups “to worship the Devil”.

“There are groups of people, secret groups, clandestine groups,” he told Daily Star Online.

“Not all of these things can be attributed to animals. The precision of the wounds and the fact that almost all of these certain organs, sexual organs are connected with this.

“There is an attempt to be had that some satanic or occult groups who believe there is some power in doing this, that this is pleasing to the devil.”

Bob went on to explain there are “various levels of satanic groups”, with some even performing human sacrifices.

“In different stages along the way, there can be self-styled people that make their own rituals of evil and then you just have thrill-seekers and curiosity people.

“Across the landscape of evil there are many different types of groups but the bottom line is the devil is behind this behaviour and the people that do it are in need of an exorcism.”

One plausible explanation that scientists often cite is that the cattle die of natural causes and are then torn apart by terrestrial predators.

It comes after a farmer was stunned to discover a "three-horned cow" wandering his fields.

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