Rihanna’s hair stylist promises R9 album cover will ‘kill the game’

Rihanna continues to keep fans in the dark about her new album R9, but the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together. 

The Diamonds singer appears to be back in the recording studio this week with her best friend Melissa Forde sharing a photo from a possible session.

In the Instagram story, Melissa is seen sitting in front of studio equipment but some fans are convinced it’s actually Rihanna as the face isn’t visible. 

One fan joked: ‘It’s Melissa recording because she’s tired of Rihanna not recording.’

Melissa has been spotted hanging out with Rihanna more frequently in recent weeks after jetting over to Mexico to celebrate the singer’s 32nd birthday with close friends and family last month. 

Adding to the momentum of R9, RiRi’s longtime hair stylist Yusef Williams teased what fans can expect from the album cover and, of course, it’ll be incredible. 

‘I’m going to kill the game, don’t worry,’ Yusef promised to The Zoe Report. 

‘We’re coming with it I want to let you know, we haven’t talked about the vibe yet, but I do have a vision of what I feel like I want to do so when we sit at the round table we shall see. Of course, I’ll win that fight too, I wear the crown.’ 

Just a few weeks ago, Rihanna confirmed she was in the studio working on new music with Pharrell Williams and his production outfit Neptunes on Valentine’s Day. 

Maybe they cooked up something romantic? 

‘Gang. back in da STU,’ RiRi captioned an image of the recording decks. 

When asked about the album, Rihanna told Entertainment Tonight in February: ‘To be continued… I like to antagonise my fans a little bit.’

She added: ‘Well, they antagonise me too! So they get it right back.’ 

The pop star had previously confirmed to The Cut that she and Pharrell would get in the studio on Valentine’s Day, which she made good on. 

She had said: ‘I’m going to be in the studio. I’m so excited actually. I can’t say who I’m working with, but it’s somebody I’ve been wanting to work with him for a long time. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s Pharrell.’

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