Ricky Gervais savages ‘ponce’ celebs picking up honours during Covid-19 pandemic

Ricky Gervais has never been afraid to make enemies and he most certainly doesn't seem to mind if they happen to be fellow celebrities.

The 59-year-old comedian and actor went on a savage rant over celebs who accepted their honours from the Queen in her 2021 New Year Honours list for OBEs, MBEs and knighthoods.

Gervais argued that they were "ponces" to do it after the tough year following the global coronavirus pandemic, which has killed millions worldwide.

Speaking to The Sun, the star didn't hold back, as he shared his opinions on the celebrities who had collected their honours.

Ricky said to the publication: "You know you have to campaign for a knighthood?

"You have to write letters and get sponsored.

"It’s the same with all these s****y little honours.

"They just shouldn’t go to celebrities. I’ve seen things like MBE for Services to Acting."

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Ricky argued that someone paid "millions to act doesn't need an MBE" for it.

It comes after stars including Lesley Manville, 64, Toby Jones, 54, and Shelia Hancock were the latest celebs to receive honours.

Ricky said he would be happy to see the awards go to frontline workers in the NHS, teachers and doctors.

He said: "Give it to them, don’t give it to some ponce for doing Shakespeare."

It comes after Ricky said he refuses to work longer than three hours a day when he is writing his hit sitcoms – and it is purely down to laziness.

He said: "I’m so lazy and I work such short hours that I’ve got to be twice as good for it to come out as good.

"Think how good my stuff would be if I wasn’t so lazy.

"I love working, but at three or four o’clock, I think: ‘That’s enough’.

"Or, I get it all done before that, or I plan it, because I know that I want to get home, have a bath and a glass of wine."

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