Rare 170-Carat Pink Diamond May Be the Largest Found in 300 Years

Earlier this week, Lucapa Diamond Company announced that a large and extremely rare pink diamond was found at its Lulo alluvial diamond mine in Angola.

According to the company, the pink diamond is approximately 170 carats and could just be the largest pink diamond that has been found in the past three centuries. The stone has now been nicknamed the “Lulo Rose” and its finding was first announced on the company’s website. Lucapa’s CEP Stephen Wetherell told The Associated Press, “Only one in 10,000 diamonds is colored pink. So you’re certainly looking at a very rare article when you find a very large pink diamond.” It comes as no surprise that the stone will likely fetch big numbers at auction, though Wetherall expressed that he is unsure how much of a premium will be paid due to its color.

The Lulo mine has had a history of major diamond discoveries. Wetherall spoke about the process of mining stating, “We’re looking for the kimberlite pipes that brought these diamonds to the surface. When you find these high-value large diamonds…it certainly elevates the excitement from our perspective in our hunt for the primary source.” Lulo has produced two of the largest diamonds ever found in Angola, including a 404-carat clear diamond. The pink diamond recently found is considered the fifth largest diamond from the mine. At Lulo, 27 diamonds of at least 100 carats have been found.

It remains to be seen if this gemstone will hit the auction block soon.

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