Raptors Vice-Chairman and President Masai Ujiri Unites With Harry Rosen for "HUMANITY 2022 Capsule Collection”

Luxury menswear retailer Harry Rosen and Masai Ujiri, Vice-Chairman and President of the Toronto Raptors and Founder of Giants of Africa, have come together for the second consecutive year to deliver an all-new athleisure clothing collaboration titled “HUMANITY 2022 Capsule Collection.” Building on the #ThatsHumanity movement that Ujiri launched in 2020, this HUMANITY 2022 Capsule Collection is inspired by the values of diversity, inclusion and community partnership. Most importantly, the collection supports Water First, a charity that collaborates with Indigenous communities to resolve local water challenges.

“Absolutely everyone should have sustainable access to safe, clean water,” says Executive Director and Founder of Water First, John Millar. “This support from Harry Rosen and Masai is a critical investment in Indigenous youth and communities that will help solve water challenges independently, and in the long-term. We are inspired to have new friends from diverse walks of life join us in making a meaningful impact together.”

Once again tapping celebrated Canadian luxury designer Patrick Assaraf, the 10-piece athleisure collection is comprised of various hoodies, including a tie-dye fleece option with matching sweatpants, an assortment of logo print T-shirts and a full-zip HUMANITY logo merino sweater. This time around, Assaraf opted for a more colorful aesthetic, rather than monochromatic like last year, with each piece arriving in its own unique colorway. The capsule items will join shelves that also feature lines from new BIPOC designers Bohten and Aller Retour.

“The #ThatsHumanity movement is meant to challenge all of us to seek out and embrace the things that make us human,” says Vice-Chairman and President Masai Ujiri. “Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s fight for equality for all people, it is expressed through stories, shared experiences and art—all of which is represented here in the beauty of fashion.”

The HUMANITY 2022 Capsule Collection is available now, exclusively at Harry Rosen, in-store and on the brand’s website.
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