Pub-goer spots puddle which looks just like Homer Simpson

A pub-goer couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a dried-up puddle – which looked just like Homer Simpson.

Francis Womack, 44, had spent the evening drinking with pals after watching England's victory over Wales in the Six Nations clash last Saturday.

While walking home from the watering hole in Beddau, South Wales, he stumbled upon the shape on the pavement.

And on closer inspection, he noticed its uncanny resemblance to the cartoon dad.

Although passers-by thought he was “mad”, he says his friends “couldn’t believe it” when he showed them.

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The dad-of-two said: "I'd been in the boozer with some mates watching the rugby and we'd stayed on for a few more after it started raining.

"We were having a good craic when the missus rang and said it wasn't raining any more and to get home.

"I was weaving my way back down the street and was nearly at the corner of my road when I walked past this patch of dark on the pavement.

"I did a weird double-take and when I walked back I just thought to myself that's Homer Simpson.

"The edges of the puddle had made a perfect outline of him as it was drying.

"I rang the missus to come and have a look but she didn't believe me and started laughing so I took a picture of it on my phone.

"People walking past thought I was mad but when I showed the picture to my mates the next day they couldn't believe it either."

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