Property expert’s tips to stay cool in heatwave – including freezing bed sheets

Hot weather has finally arrived this summer, with Brits basking in temperatures above 30C over the last few days.

And with the heatwave looking set to continue into this week, people are desperate to stay cool when at home.

Thankfully, property expert That Property Guy has shared some useful tricks on TikTok.

He explains in his video, seen more than 2 million times, that you should resist the temptation to open windows during the day.

Instead, keep them closed along with blinds and curtains as this will keep the hot air out.

If you feel you have to open them, he suggests creating an airflow through your house by opening windows at either end of the building.

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Another nifty trick is to fill up some bowls with hot water and ice around the house. Ideally, pop them in front of a fan as that will create your very own DIY air conditioning.

Using the oven during a heatwave also creates heat and is likely to make your house even hotter.

Instead, That Property Guy suggests doing any cooking outside on the BBQ.

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Hot weather also brings the age-old problem of sleeping at night.

To combat this, the property expert suggests freezing your bed sheets before you hit the hay.

All you need to do is strip the sheets, pop them in a bag and whack them in the freezer. When you do go to bed, they’ll be nice and cold.

Other tips include swapping out halogen light bulbs for LEDs, which create less heat.

And That Property Guy suggests as turning off any appliances, such as a TV, when you’re not using them.

Thousands of people have commented on the clip since it was shared earlier this year.

“Mate, that sheet idea is genius,” one wrote. “I’ve got Covid and it’s 28C, I need this.”

Another commented: “Yep I do this, makes a massive difference and really works.”

And a third added: “The hero we all need.”

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