Prince Andrew To Sell His $23 Million Swiss Chalet After The Queen Refuses To Help Him With Legal Fees

Queen Elizabeth II refuses to pay the legal fees of her son, Prince Andrew, who is currently facing a trial in a sexual abuse case. According to the UK-based website, The Mirror, the Queen has clarified to Prince Andrew that she will not be involved in the matter and would not give a single penny to bear the costs of his legal fees. Local media reports that Prince Andrew is currently struggling to pay the costs of his legal fees which resulted to him putting his $23 million Swiss chalet up for sale.

According to the local media reports, the Duke of York is currently trying sell his $32 million Swiss chalet to raise funds to pay the legal fees. According to the website, Daily Mail, Prince Andrew visited his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in the Windsor Castle on December 31. This is the first time the two has seen each other after the court ruling.

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This is also the first public sighting of the Duke of York after his former friend, Ghislaine Maxwell and her current boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, were charged of sex trafficking conviction. Prince Andrew is also currently facing a civil lawsuit which was filed an American woman who was allegedly brought to the UK when she was only 17 years old. Virginia Giuffre, the accuser in the trial lawsuit, has said that the Duke of York had sexually abused her when she was only 17 years old. She adds that he forced her into doing some sexual acts. The case is currently filed under the New York’s Child Victims Act. Additionally, Prince Andrew allegedly raped the accuser even though he knows that she was still a minor and that she was a sex-trafficking victim and had forced her to engage in a sexual relation. All these allegations were denied by the camp of Prince Andrew.

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The Duke of York is confident that the lawsuit filed by Giuffre would be overthrown as he was innocent in all the allegations. However, with the guilty verdict of Maxwell and her boyfriend, the experts in the case who is familiar with the development of the case said that this is definitely a bad sign for Prince Andrew. The former friend of Prince Andrew was found guilty of serious sexual allegation charges which will affect his case. According to the lawyers who are fighting for the case for decades now, Maxwell used her boyfriend and his close friends to lure the teenage girls. The Duke of York was linked to the case after photograph of him and a 17 year old girl went viral on the social media platforms.

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Sources: Geo TV, Mirror UK, Telegraph UK

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