Premier League clubs who signed up to Super League hit with fines

The mega-wealthy ‘Big Six’ Premier League clubs who secretly plotted the European Super League are fined just £22m in total – and agree to cough up £25m each and lose 30 points if they try it again

  • The Premier League’s breakaway Big Six have been hit with a total fine of £22m
  • A deal was agreed this morning to punish the clubs after the Super League failed 
  • The amount is to be put towards grassroots and fan and community initiatives 
  • Any attempts to breakaway again will see a £20m fine and 30-point deduction 

The Premier League will fine the breakaway Big Six a collective sum of around £22m – with any further attempts subject to a 30-point deduction.

Sportsmail understands that a deal which swerves the need for a disciplinary process was agreed this morning with an announcement likely to follow later today.

As expected, each club will not be handed a deduction now and the money they hand over is understood to be earmarked for grassroots, fan and community initiatives rather than for the other 14 clubs.

Manchester City and Chelsea are two of the clubs hit with fines for being in the Super League

Manchester United and Liverpool were both also heavily involved in the Super League’s launch

Further attempts to join another league will result in a £25m fine for the offending club and a 30-point deduction.

The penalty may well be seen by some as a victory for the six – both Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Some of the other 14 clubs had called for immediate deductions. Talks, which at times had become strained, had been ongoing for some time. 

The failed breakaway had led to supporters of the Big Six clubs taking to the streets to protest

One of the major sticking points was over where the fines would go. 

The six did not want their punishments to line the pockets of their rivals with a view that they would have jumped at the European Super League should they have been invited.

The deal comes on the eve of the Premier League’s AGM in Harrogate. 

There was a desire to get it over the line before tonight’s traditional dinner, at which Big Six executives are often split and seated with their counterparts from the other 14. 

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