Piers Morgan says he’s attempting to ‘lose the lockdown lard’ by changing diet

Piers Morgan said he's trying to "lose the lockdown lard" and has shared his healthy dinner with his social media fans.

The 55-year-old television star, who hosts ITV 's Good Morning Britain, took to Instagram to flaunt his delicious dinner lovingly prepared by his wife Celia Walden.

Piers wasn't convinced by the portion size however as he said he preferred having sushi as a canapé rather than his evening meal.

The journalist shared a snap of his sushi dinner with his 1.3million followers on Instagram, telling them about his health overhaul.

His plate included a variety of tasty fish and rice combinations with some soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

He captioned the snap: "I like sushi, don't get me wrong. But more as a canapé than a lose-the-lockdown-lard 'dinner'."

His fans rushed to leave a comment, as one wrote: "Yum!"

While another added: "Very nice, enjoy."

"You're so lucky the way Celia looks after you", gushed a third.

Piers recently spoke about falling out with fellow television presenter Eamonn Holmes after a mean jibe he made about the This Morning host's weight.

The ITV stars are good friends now, but they fell out two decades ago when Piers was the editor of The Mirror.

Morgan had published photos of Eamonn playing golf with the headline "Telly-tubby", in a reference to his weight, leaving Ruth Langsford's husband unimpressed.

Piers addressed their spat in his latest column for the Mail, as he revealed that Eamonn is now his fitness inspiration.

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He wrote: "My ITV breakfast show predecessor Eamonn Holmes and I are now good friends, but we fell out badly 20 years ago when I was editor of the Daily Mirror.

"To his great credit, Eamonn has since dropped from 18st to 15st through juicing, fasting, walking and Pilates after making a New Year's resolution five years ago to get slimmer and healthier."

Piers continued: "My own Good Morning Britain day regime is usually porridge and honey at 5.30am, Marmite on toast at 7.30am, eggs and something when I get home at 9.15am, possibly another sandwich snack at 11am, and a hearty lunch at 12.30pm before attacking the biscuit tin in the afternoon, until my wife Celia locks it away.

"And the former 'Telly-Tubby' has gone from being the object of my merciless fat-mockery to my fitness role model.

"So my resolution is to weigh the same as Eamonn Holmes by the end of 2021."

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