Piers Morgan in fiery clash with son Spencer as he tells Covidiots to ‘f*** off’

Piers Morgan had another heated clash with his son Spencer on Twitter with the duo not agreeing in their views on the coronavirus pandemic and related lockdown guidelines.

It's not the first time in recent weeks, as they regularly butt heads on the topic – though it seems this may be the last.

Spencer, 27, tweeted: "Lockdownists think money grows on trees don't they?"

His famous father retweeted and added his own comment, reading: "You can revive economies, you can't revive dead people."

Shortly after, Piers, 56, tweeted: "Can all Covidiots please just unfollow me and f*** off. This second wave is extremely serious and I'm not interested in your insane conspiracy theories, your dumb fake charts, your 'proof' that Covid's 'not as bad as the flu' – or any of your ignorant abusive garbage."

Spencer then retweeted the message and added: "It was a fun 27 years. Farewell."

He has made it clear he thinks the changing lockdown guidelines are too strict, suggesting they should only affect vulnerable people.

Meanwhile, Piers has been vocal about them too, saying the country isn't doing enough and things should actually be stricter.

Earlier this month, Spencer moaned on Twitter that his 20s were ending "three years early" when the Tier system was introduced.

But Piers hit back: "Your great-grandmother spent five years of her 20s enduring World War II and then enjoyed another 70 more years of fun-packed life afterwards.

"You've done five months of mild inconvenience by comparison… Get a grip."

He previously wrote: "I think it might be easier if all those who've deluded themselves into thinking the pandemic is 'over' to unfollow me.

"There are plenty of T-list celebs and ex-sportsmen who agree with you – so follow them and read what you want to hear, then you won't get so angry all the time."

Spencer simply replied: "Goodbye dad."

Piers shares Spencer with his ex Marion Shalloe, with whom he also has Stanley, 23, and Bertie, 19.

With his wife Celia Walden, he has eight-year-old Elise.

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